My Dog has Anxiety, Can Scrumbles help?

Like lots of humans, dogs are creatures of habit. They thrive on knowing what to expect and love to have a routine. . An anxious dog will feel better if you make sure that their walks, meals and all aspects of their daily life are as routine as possible.

Some dogs are more anxious than others and this is often linked to missed socialisation opportunities during puppyhood. The first few months of a pup’s life are called the ‘socialisation period.’ This is when they need to experience a wide range of sounds, sights and situation so that they learn to take them in their stride as they grow up. Unfortunately, dogs who miss out on being properly socialised can end up with a range of fears or phobias.

If your pooch is a sensitive soul and needs some help to calm down their anxiety, why not try our calming dog treats nibbles. They’re perfect to calm anxious dogs ahead of stressful situations, like car journeys and during fireworks season. Our Nibbles are gently baked in the UK with calming ingredients. Shaped like a giant chocolate button (but with no naughty chocolate in them!), these are great for large breed and small breed dogs alike.

My pet has pancreatitis. Can I feed them Scrumbles?

We have a couple of recipes that are suitable for dogs with pancreatitis. Our dry salmon dog food recipe is suitable, as well as our Gnashers dental dog treats. Always check with your vet if your dog has a health condition so that they can advise if a food is suitable and if you’re new to Scrumbles (or any other recipe) please transition your dog over gradually to avoid upset tummies.

My dog is overweight. Can Scrumbles help? Do you have low fat recipes?

Obesity is sadly a common problem in dogs with many risk factors outside of what your dog eats that can contribute to the problem e.g. genetics, lack of exercise, health issues and age. The most common contributor is from overfeeding and overtreating. We have a handy feeding guideline to help you figure out the right amount to feed your pooch and if you like to add daily treats to your dog’s diet, please reduce the feeding amounts by 10%.

If you’re looking to help your dog lose weight, reducing fat levels is not necessarily the solution. Lower fat recipes have higher levels of carbohydrates which can worsen obesity. We recommend starting with feeding guidelines to prevent overfeeding and as hard as it is stepping away from the treat jar. You can add some more exercise to your dog’s daily routing to help burn off excess fat in a healthy way. Please always look to reduce weight gradually. Drastic weight loss is dangerous and not healthy. Our feeding calculator will help you figure out a guideline for your pooch’s daily calorie intake. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking for a low fat option that is suitable for pancreatitis, our dry salmon dog food recipe is our lowest fat recipe. We also have our dental chews, Gnashers that are suitable and fully plant based with lots of fibre. If you’d like some nutritional advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer team or call us on 020 7052 5310

Is Scrumbles hypoallergenic?

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog food or cat food, then Scrumbles is appropriate.

All of our recipes are hypoallergenic and designed for easy digestion. We use a limited number of quality ingredients.

Hypoallergenic effectively means “less likely to cause an allergic reaction”. We avoid common allergens like beef, pork, dairy and gluten. If your cat or dog has a particular allergy or intolerance, be sure to check our ingredients on the back of pack.

My dog is sterilised, can Scrumbles help?

Sterilised pets initially see a fall in their metabolism which means they’re at greater risk of weight gain, so feeding guidelines and calorie control is key. Additionally they’re at a greater risk of developing kidney stones, so animal protein and hydration is vital.
We have no added salt (sodium chloride) in our recipes, all named ingredients are gluten free avoiding maize and focusing on meat first. Our meat content is high, delivering essential amino acids that cats need and making our food highly digestible. We additionally add probiotics once the food is cooled which can help with weight management and supports digestive health.

My pet is diabetic, can I feed Scrumbles?

Our recipes have a high meat content, low level of carbohydrate and additionally added probiotics for digestive health. We also avoid added sugars and salts. We have many customers who’s pets have issues like this. However as every pet is an individual and we don’t know your pets history, we recommend you speak to your vet first. And when changing foods, it’s really important to transition slowly to avoid causing any upset tummies!

My dog has a sensitive stomach, which Scrumbles recipes are best for them?

We specialise in soothing sensitive tummies and you can choose from any of our recipes as they are suitable for all life stages. To help keep sensitive stomaches happy, we always recommend to transition slowly over a period of 7 to 10 days for any new recipe. Our dry dog food recipes have added probiotics, and we add gut friendly Slippery Elm to our a range of guilt-free treats and complete wet food recipes. If you’ve a question for us, please send an email to our customer care team and we’ll help you as much as possible! If you like to read a bit more about our recipes, you can check them out here!