What makes Scrumbles Scrumbilicious?

Scrumbles is more than just yummy good food. We are an independent, family British business led by our values. As proud believers in the power of business to do good we are committed to supporting good causes.

Why do you think Scrumbles is the best pet food?

We created Scrumbles for our family, without compromise taking the time to ensure it tastes great and meets the needs of our beloved Smudge and Boo. We refuse to use unpleasant nonsense which means all our recipes avoid common allergens, are gluten free, have no pea protein, no added sugar nor salt and are packed with chicken. Scrumbilicious!

I’m sold! Where can I buy Scrumbles Pet Food?

You can buy both our cat and dog food direct from our site or great independent stores – check out our stockists.

Do you do free samples?

We have 50g samples available for £1. This covers the postage and product costs for us. 

How can I track my order?

All orders over 2kg are shipped by DPD who provide estimated delivery times, a one hour time slot, tracking details as well as text and email updates.

How do I switch my cat or dog to Scrumbles 

To avoid an upset tummy, it’s best to switch you cat or dog gradually from their old food over a period of roughly 7 days where possible. 

Where do I put my Scrumbles

Anywhere you like 😉show it off proudly for all to see!

Keep your food in a cool, dry place and be sure to reseal the bag after use. All our bags are printed with a best before date on the back of pack.

When can my puppy switch to adult food?

Small and medium breed dogs reach maturity around 12 months and can move on to adult pet food then. Large breed dogs need more time and should wait until 18-24 months.

Is your food grain free?

Our food is mainly chicken but there is a portion of good grains rice and oats that provide dietary fibre. Not all grains are bad – 85% of all food intolerances are down to gluten from wheat or barley. We don’t use these ingredients in our food and instead use good grains: rice and oats. Always check with your vet if you’re unsure

My friend tells me a raw diet is best.

Ensuring your cat or dog gets a balanced diet is vitally important and can be trickier to achieve when doing it yourself. Beyond that there is the risk of contamination as raw food is far more likely to carry harmful bacteria. Not only is your cat or dog at risk, but so are you and your family so it’s not something we endorse

My vet says I need a hypoallergenic food, can I feed Scrumbles?

Yes our food is appropriate. Hypoallergenic effectively means “less likely to cause an allergic reaction”. We avoid common allergens like beef, pork, dairy and gluten. If your cat or dog has a particular allergy or intolerance, be sure to check our ingredients on the back of pack.

How can I stock Scrumbles in my store?

Welcome to the family ☺Drop us a line at hello@scrumbles.co.uk and we’ll get you set up!

Do you test on animals?

As animal lovers, we only work with suppliers that do not exploit animals and make no compromise on the quality nor safety of our products. None of the ingredients in our foods have involved live animal testing nor any experiments and research that involves testing on live animals. We hope to encourage others to do the same. 

Our recipes are designed to put cats and dogs first and come with approval from Smudge, Boo and a few of their furriends, who have taste tested in the comfort of their own home with us. 

We include animal material in our foods as this is critical to deliver optimal nutrition for cats and dogs. For example, we cram our recipes with chicken. Cats are obligate carnivores and need meat protein. The nutritional requirements for cats and dogs make a vegetarian diet inappropriate. 

Our ultimutt dream is for the clean meat movement to become accessible for cats and dogs.

What’s your environmental policy?

We are committed to helping the world around us and thoughtful about our impact choosing only to work with suppliers that share our ethos.

How our food is made: We’re mindful of recycling when manufacturing our food and chose our manufacturing partner thoughtfully. The plant reaches a 98% total recycling figure with aims to further reduce the remaining 2% of waste sent to landfill.

How we work: Our office is mobile with our mindful approach travelling with us. We operate paperlessly with the few bits that are printed on recycled paper. 99% of all our deliveries are via earth friendly DPD and pedals with the final 1% moving across shortly!  When we travel, we mainly stick to public transport.

When choosing the packaging for our food, we were overwhelmed by the amount of plastic in the market. We saw that a few paper bags existed but found that these compromised on the quality of the food. E.g. where there are high meat contents the lack of moisture barrier can cause the food to go rancid, which would not a happy cat or dog make! Our bags are packaged in a paper/plastic mix with a minimal layer of plastic to maintain freshness. We’re working closely with our lovely packaging suppliers to develop an earth friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the food. Watch this space as an exciting alternative will shortly be available that still allows us to give you yummy good food.

We’re naturally curious and constantly evolving our thinking to see how we can make further improvements. 

Where is your food made?

All our food is cooked and packed in the UK

What is your shipping policy?

We aim to deliver all UK orders within 2-3 working days. Offshore locations may take a little more time so please bear with us. Orders over £25 are delivered free of charge, otherwise it costs £3.95. We use DPD (who are carbon neutral) to get our food to you as quickly as possible. 

What about returns?

If there is anything wrong with your order or you aren’t completely happy, please get in touch with us within 14 days at hello@scrumbles.co.uk

How much should I feed my cat or dog?

Feeding the correct amount for your cat or dog is important in maintaining good health, however the amount varies according to size, body condition, age and lifestyle.

When can my kitten switch to adult food?

Most kittens should remain on kitten food up to 12 months. Larger cats, like Maine Coon’s for example, reach maturity later so shouldn’t move to adult food until 18-24 months.

Is your food gluten free?

All Scrumbles recipes are wheat free and gluten free, perfect for sensitive tummies

Should I feed my cat or dog a vegetarian diet?

Cats are obligate carnivores and biologically require meat as plant protein does contain all the essential amino acids. Dogs are omnivores and able to digest vegetable protein but still need those essential amino acids only found in meat protein. For these reasons we don’t advocate vegetarian or vegan diets for cats or dogs.

What does single source protein mean?

Single source protein means that there is only one source of animal protein in that food. It’s particularly helpful if your cat or dog suffers with sensitivities or intolerances as you can easily determine what is in the food. All of Scrumbles food is single source, except our Adult Cat, Chicken with Salmon recipe which has a blend of Chicken and Salmon for the fussiest of felines.

How do you check that Scrumbles is yummy?

Smudge and Boo are our chief tasters. Once they give a wiggle of approval, we share our food with friends and family. We don’t employ invasive studies or kennel trials, and never will.

Is your packaging recyclable?

As eco-warriors, we strive to be as responsible and sustainable as we can. Our bags contain a minimal amount of plastic as a barrier against outside contaminants. We are working closely with packaging suppliers to develop an earth friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on the quality and taste of our food. Watch this space.

Are there GM ingredients in Scrumbles pet food?

We’re very picky about our pet food and even pickier about who we work with. All our suppliers are subject to an approval process with rigorous checks throughout so that we’re happy they meet our requirements. We implement a number of measures to ensure we receive no GMO raw materials;

Risk assessments, written declarations from suppliers to confirm no GMO materials are supplied to us and audits, to ensure full traceability of our supply chain.

So in a nutshell no 🙂

I’ve heard horror stories about meat used in pet food, what kind of meat do you use?

We use chicken which is highly digestible for cats and dogs. All the chicken used comes from a slaughterhouse intended for human consumption (declared high quality and disease free). Contrary to popular myths, this isn’t bad meat that’s got feathers and beaks. UK laws protect against this so you can rest assured that you’re getting the excess chicken that we as humans don’t need kind of like wonky vegetables that supermarkets are now selling. Just as nutritious.

How do you choose the suppliers you work with?

At Scrumbles we hold ourselves as a company and as individuals to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. We work to create mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers that help create a better world around us. Our supplier diversity policy’s primary goal is to give preference to suppliers owned by women, minorities or other underrepresented populations where they fulfil our purchasing requirements. To help such businesses thrive, we aim to have at least 10% of our overall expenditure supplied by diverse suppliers by 2020. Sign up to our newsletter to receive our annual report tracking our performance on this and other goals.  

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