My friend tells me a raw diet is best.

We would always recommend buying a complete food that is regulated by FEDIAF. There are a number of natural, quality foods available to ensure your cat or dog gets a balanced diet which can be difficult to achieve when doing it yourself.

There are currently no scientific studies to support raw feeding benefits and we’ve personally seen friends pets suffer issues from eating bones. We therefore don’t endorse raw feeding because of this and due to the risk of pathogens and contamination. We gently cook our foods to destroy pathogens and eliminate the risk of contamination for you and your pets.

If you do choose to feed raw, it’s important to ensure it’s from a Defra registered producer. And to minimise the risk of salmonella, food preparation and feeding bowls need to be diligently maintained. Studies show that standard cleaning practices including using bleach or a dishwasher are minimally effective at eliminating Salmonella.