Pet Food with a Purpose

Pet food with a purpose

When we left university, we ended up working for a number of different businesses some great, some meh and some that we dare not name. Along the way we both worked for premium pet food brands Eukanuba, Iams and Lily’s Kitchen and thought about how we’d do things differently. Our experiences with Smudge and Boo helped us take the plunge to develop Scrumbles, driven on making the best pet food we could for Smudge, Boo and all of their friends. That meant providing something that they enjoyed eating, that delivered against advanced nutrition, that respects Mother Earth and all at a price that our shoppers can stomach.

Ultimately, we want to help ALL cats and dogs live well and our values are core to helping us achieve this.

Doing it for cats and dogs

Ultimately, we make food for customers who can’t speak for themselves. They can’t say if they aren’t feeling their best or if something doesn’t agree with them – and you shouldn’t have to wait until they show symptoms of sickness.

We make the best food we can to help cats and dogs live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. We’ll also do our best to support owners to meet the needs of and enrich the lives of their four-legged companions through education.

We passionately believe that a healthy diet shouldn’t be reserved to only those animals lucky enough to have the support of wealthy pawrents. All cats and dogs should have access to a balanced diet. We price our food fairly and accessibly to reach as many animals as we can, and for those who still can’t we’ll do our best to support. We donate food to shelters and charities when we can and offer cut price food to those who need to buy more.

Good food shouldn’t cost the earth

I mean, what’s the point! If we all eat well at the expense of our precious planet, we won’t be here for long any way. At Scrumbles we aim to have a net positive impact on the planet, that means giving back more than we consume and leaving things better than we find them. The nature of serving great food to cats and dogs across the country means it’s inevitable that we have a carbon footprint, but we make conscious decisions to tread lightly from manufacturing here in the UK, to choosing packaging materials that are earth friendly all whilst avoiding compromising on the quality of the food. We’re continually assessing ways to limit our impact.

For example, we’re currently undertaking a life cycle assessment, with the support of the University of Bath so that we can understand the exact impact Scrumbles has on the environment, when we have the results, we’ll share them here and use it to help us identify what changes we can make.

Community matters

Businesses rely on the support of its customers, suppliers, shareholders and neighbours to flourish so we believe it’s only right that businesses give back. Investing and creating jobs is important, but giving time is a great way to contribute to the communities we serve. We commit a minimum of 3 days per person and we use that to make a difference, be that simply helping with the up keep of the local animal shelter, mentoring young people or otherwise.

Keeping it real

We are a real family, with real pets – no airbrushing, no acting, no bull. Come say hi at an event where you might be able to meet Smudge or on Instagram, where you can follow our adventure. That raw truth makes us better at what we do because we understand first-hand what it means to care for our own animals, how awful it is if they are unwell and how frustrating it is to deal with brands who are simply trying to flog you stuff.

Sh*t happens

…and we pay attention. Poo might be horrible stuff, but it tells us a lot about the health of our pets. We’re not afraid to roll our sleeve up and get stuck in to make sure the animals we serve are in great shape (don’t worry, we’ll be wearing gloves!)

It’s an ongoing journey

Making good food and running a business can all be continuously improved. Perfection is something that’s never achieved but always strived for. We learn every day and are constantly evolving to deliver against our goals and beliefs. We’re not perfect and don’t pretend to be. But as eager beavers we’re always learning to be betterand surround ourselves with individuals as passionate as we are.

We have standards

We don’t work with people that don’t like animals…sorry!

We’re conscious about who we work with and ask A LOT from them. Beyond the European standards that we must meet, we have our own criteria to do things better. You can read more about our supplier diversity here.

B the Change

We’re proud that Scrumbles is a certified B Corp which is a global movement of people striving to use business as a force for good.