playful puppies: large breed puppy

No one wants their puppy to grow up too quickly. This is ever more important with large breed puppies. With so much growing to do a careful balance of nutrients is crucial to avoid problems like hip dysplasia. We’ve taken our utmost care to tailor the best complete large breed puppy food to give your pooch the best start to life. Crammed with chicken and optimal levels of protein, fats, fibres, calcium etc. this hypoallergenic puppy food will keep your big friendly giant beautiful.

63% Chicken



Description & Ingredients


Not sure if your pooch is a large breed puppy? If their adult dog weight is expected to be over 20kg we’d recommend sticking to large breed puppy food. This recipe, our best dry puppy food for large breeds is the right one for your pooch.

This specially designed dry puppy food for large breed dogs is packed with 63% chicken. A carefully crafted calcium-phosphorous ratio plus glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM aid in the development of a healthy skeleton, crucial for loveable large breed puppies.

Like all our natural dog food recipes it’s a hypoallergenic puppy food recipe, free from common allergens like eggs, dairy, beef, wheat and free from gluten. Plus there’s no added nonsense like sugar & salt or artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

To give your large breed puppy the brightest start in life, we’ve included a natural source of EPA & DHA, to support cognitive & visual development.

Large breed puppies grow so fast they need extra TLC for their joints – that’s why we’ve added a healthy dose of glucosamine and chondroitin, and carefully managed the calcium: phosphorus ratio which is crucial during their early years.

Protein: Packed with delicious, freshly prepared chicken that tastes great and is easy to digest
Rice & Oats: Gentle on tummies and can help keep cholesterol in check
Essential Fatty Acids: From chicken & salmon for healthy skin and glossy coats
Probiotics: Added probiotics to help support a healthy digestive system
Alfalfa & Carrots: A nutritious source of fibre
Added Vitamins & Minerals: Extra goodies to ensure every meal is balanced and complete


63% Chicken (35.5% Freshly Prepared Chicken, 21% Dried Chicken, 5% Chicken Fat, 1.5% Chicken Liver), Brown Rice (17%), Oats (12.5%), Alfalfa, Salmon Oil 1.8%, Linseed, Dried Carrot, Minerals, Vitamins, FOS (2404mg/kg), Glucosamine (890mg/kg), MSM (890mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (625mg/kg)

Nutritional Additives/kg
Vitamins: E672/Vitamin A 14,425 IU, E671/Vitamin D3 2,165 IU; Trace Elements: E1/Iron 160mg, E6/Zinc 135mg, E5/Manganese 105mg, E4/Copper 60mg, 3b202/Iodine 1.6mg, E8/Selenium 0.6mg.Gut Flora Stabilisers: 4b1705/Enterococcus faecium 10415 1,000,000,000 cfu

Analytical constituents
Protein 28%, Fat Content 20%, Crude Fibre 4%, Inorganic Matter 7%, Omega 6 3.2%, Omega 3 1.2%, Calcium 1.45%, Phosphorus 1.2%

Feeding Guidelines


If overweight, reduce the daily serving until the desired weight is met. Once achieved, feed the appropriate amount to sustain this weight.


We recommend splitting the daily amount into 3-4 meals


We suggest a gradual change over 7-10 days.


This complete meal is all your puppy needs. If you like to give treats, please reduce the feeding amount accordingly.