Salmon Dry Dog Food

for adult and senior dogs

£12.00 - £78.00

A grain free salmon dog food that’s delicious and tailored for sensitive dogs. Some dogs simply have different nutritional needs than others, that’s why we’ve worked hard to create our best salmon dog food tailored for sensitive dogs with special attention to the tiniest details like calcium-phosphorus ratios, a low fat content and enhanced levels of MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints.

We use 50% single-source salmon, add probiotics and joint care. Perfect for larger or senior dogs. The low fat recipe also makes it suitable for pooches with pancreatitis! Kibble size: 17mm x 22m 

Low Fat Salmon Dog Food

Is this the best salmon dog food? Your pooch can be the judge of that. Designed for the most delicate doggies, our Salmon and Sweet Potato Dog Food recipe is low in fat and includes natural joint care supplements for healthy joints and bones. Some dogs need a little more TLC, particularly when it comes to the nutrition needed to keep them healthy and happy. This low fat dog food is carefully tailored to deliver optimal nutrition. Perfect for those that need to avoid chicken, have pancreatitis or are senior dogs. Specially formulated with MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin for joint support, a carefully balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio and low fat content, this recipe provides an ideal diet for adult and senior dogs. Naturally grain free, although please note our recipes are made on facilities that handle grains.

Complete Dog Food

This salmon and potato dog food is a nutritionally complete recipe for your dog. Feed it on its own or mix it up with one of our complete grain free wet dog food recipes.

Digestive Health

We put gut health first. As well as including gut friendly ingredients, we exclude common allergens like gluten, eggs and dairy.

Single Source Salmon

This salmon dog food recipe contains just one source of animal protein - Salmon. Perfect for doggies who are intolerant to certain meats, or just those who love salmon!

Eco Friendly

We aim to do well by our pets AND planet. Our mono PE bags provide a high barrier & can be recycled at larger stores to avoid landfill.

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