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Like all good stories, ours Began with smelly poos

Smudge and Boo are our world and like any pet parent, we want to give them the best pet food to help them live adventurous long lives. We’d tried various foods over the years but struggled with upset tummies and poor quality poos. An affordable, good quality pet food that our pets loved seemed an impossible feat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re more dog or more cat – or maybe you’re a lover of all furry things – we salute you. We believe that there’s nothing better than a life spent with a furry companion. And the longer that life can be, the better, which starts with good nutrition.

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discovering the gut life

We'd struggled with unattractive, smelly stools in the past but when we rescued Boo, we just couldn’t shake them. A trip to the vets proved helpful (and expensive). We were prescribed a probiotic paste to calm her sensitive stomach and improve her digestion. It worked wonders and the Scrumbles adventure began to put happy guts at the forefront.

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It’s easy to see why when nearly all the options out there have ingredient lists longer than your vet’s bill and shady things – like non-named meat sources or pea protein – that you don’t want to find in your pets’ food. We created Scrumbles as we wanted to create something that was better for cats and dogs.

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diving into nutrition

We spent a year studying canine and feline nutrition then, with the help of expert nutritionists, ceaselessly experimented with recipes to create the optimal nutrition for cats and dogs that they also loved to eat. After a solid year and a half of testing – and a lot of poo selfies – Scrumbles was born.

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We offer a range of delicious gut-friendly, hypoallergenic cat and dog food that are all natural with zero nasties and a firm wiggle of approval from our chief tasters Smudge and Boo.

You can find us stocked in a wide number of retailers Tesco, Sainsburys, Wilko stores, lovely independent pet shops, online retailers like Ocado, Amazon, Pets at Home and, of course, through our online store.