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Good digestion, immune function and pretty poops are all linked to gut health, that’s why when it comes to good food, we start with the gut.

gut-friendly and sustainable pet food

For the planet

1% of sales donated to environmental causes.

Digestive Health

Added Pre and Probiotics for happy tums.


Made in the UK and served in eco-packaging

Family Bizz

For fur families, made by a fur family.


Take it slow when you switch to a new cat or dog food or life stage. Mix your current food with the new pet food, gradually increasing over a week.

25% Scrumbles
75% Old food

50% Scrumbles
50% Old Food

75% Scrumbles
25% Old Food

100% Scrumbles


It all started with smelly poos...

Smudge and Boo are our world and like any pet parent, we want to give them the best pet food to help them live adventurous long lives. Over the years, we’ve struggled with upset tummies and poos that weren’t pretty! Until we discovered probiotics and the importance of gut health. Declaring war on bad poos, we quit our jobs to make natural pet food and treats, that’s kind to tummies and to the planet.


Save 10% on every order when you subscribe and never run out of cat or dog food again.

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Build your box of cat or dog food and treats.

Choose your frequency

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Frequently Asked Questions


Feeding the correct amount for your cat or dog is important in maintaining good health, however the amount varies according to size, body condition, age and lifestyle. Use our feeding calculator to guide you on the feeding quantities.
Anywhere you like ? Show it off proudly for all to see! Keep our recipes in a cool, dry place. Ensure you reseal the dry food and treat bags after use, or you can keep your opened wet food in the fridge covered for 2-3 days.
Yes! All our recipes are suitable for all floofs from 3 months plus. We do also offer a specific dry puppy food or dry kitten food.
We offer probiotic-packed dry food, grain free wet food, and guilt-free treats suitable for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies!
We offer both a one-off and subscription service via this very website. Or if you'd prefer, you can also find us in Tesco, Sainsbury's and Ocado.