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That sensitive stomachs love

For all the daring dogs and cool cats. Get your humans to serve you our gut friendly recipes to make your glossy coat and pretty poops the talk of the town!
Choose from dry food, wet food & natural treats.

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natural pet food
The Scrumbles Difference—pet food with a purpose
Scrumbles Lighter Pawprint

a lighter pawprint

All of our pet food and treats are proudly made in the UK and we take conscious decisions to tread lightly

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Pet food that's kind to tummies

kind to tummies

Our natural pet food recipes are hypoallergenic and gentle on digestion. Free from common allergens for sensitive stomachs.

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honest nutrition

Honestly priced and transparent about what goes in (and what stays out) of our pet food.

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5 STAR RAting

Chief tasters Smudge and Boo have given our recipes the paws up. But don’t just take their word for it.

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High quality pet food, loved by pets!

Sensitive Stomachs meet


Gently cooked in the UK

No funny business

Gut friendly, natural ingredients

meat first (up to 77%)!


Custom Monthly Subscription

Cats and dogs need fuel for their daily adventures. With our monthly subscription you can build a custom and tailored plan that will keep them (and their sensitive stomachs) happy.

Our feeding guidelines calculator will help you understand how much food they need to avoid them running out and then you can customise to their heart's content with healthy treats and dental chews.

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No commitment; pause, amend or stop anytime.

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Like all good stories, ours began with smelly poos…

We adore our cat and dog, Boo and Smudge and want to enjoy a long happy life with them. Yet no matter what kind of food we tried over the years, we constantly struggled with upset tummies and poos that weren’t pretty! Until we discovered probiotics and the importance of gut health.

So declaring war on bad poos, we quit our jobs to make our own gut-friendly pet food.

The Scrumbles Story
Natural pet food with a purpose
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made in britain

Our pet food is proudly made in the UK to reduce carbon emissions. We’re committed to supporting British businesses and source the majority of our ingredients from the UK.

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eco-friendly distribution

All deliveries of our natural pet food are carbon neutral. Better for us – and for the planet!

High Five

charitable causes

Every bag of Scrumbles serves a greater purpose. We donate at least 10% of our profits and food to animal welfare charities. We're targeting 20,000 meals this year.

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scrapping plastic

We’re committed to eliminating plastic fully from our supply chain without compromising on the food itself. From compostable bags to recyclable tins, we have some exciting developments!