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Good health starts in the gut

(How we make our natural pet food)

We want nothing more than to hang out with our cat and dog, Boo and Smudge, and enjoy a long happy life with them. Over the years, we’ve struggled with upset tummies and poos that weren’t pretty! Until we discovered probiotics and the importance of gut health. Declaring war on bad poos, we quit our jobs to make natural pet food and treats, that’s kind to tummies and to the planet.


Proudly British, we support local suppliers and gently cook our food in the UK

Expert sign-off

Smudge and Boo are chief tasters and get the final say. Approved by vets & developed with nutritionists to meet FEDIAF guidelines

chihuahua dog food

Gut Friendly

We add probiotics to our kibble and use slippery elm in our wet food and guilt free treats for great gut health


Honestly priced and transparent about what goes in (and what stays out) of our pet food

And no funny business

(what’s not in our pet food)

We promise to only use natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced to deliver on quality and taste


We offer hypoallergenic dog food, cat food and treats that are free from common allergens like gluten, soy and dairy with grain free options too.

Sugar & salt

Sadly these can be found in lots of natural pet food - check for ingredients like “stock”. Scrumbles is tasty without added sugars and salts.


This is a junk free zone! Our pet food has no artificial colours, preservatives nor additives.

Meat derivatives

We use human grade ingredients, predominantly British, including our highly digestible free run meat, which provides quality animal protein.

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New to Scrumbles?

Take it slow when you switch to a new cat or dog food or life stage. Mix your current food with the new pet food, gradually increasing over a week like the images.

Better for them.
Easier for you.

Cats and dogs need fuel for their daily adventures. With our monthly subscription you can build a tailored plan that will keep them (and their sensitive stomachs) happy.
Our feeding guidelines calculator will help you understand how much food they need to avoid them running out. Plus with every delivery of your natural pet food, you can add a bag of our healthy treats for FREE. Cancel or change anytime.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

(feedback from our cats & dogs)

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