daring dog pet food
daring dog pet food dog food
daring dog pet food daring dog pet food
cat and kitten food
cat and kitten food pet food for cool cats
cat and kitten food cat and kitten food

Natural pet food with probiotics for gut health

Proudly British, our ethical pet food is made in the UK with natural, quality ingredients and tailored to your cat, kitten, puppy or dogs needs. This is a nasty-free zone - our pet food recipes are hypoallergenic, free from common allergens like wheat, beef, dairy and eggs to keep your pets happy and healthy. With added probiotics to promote gut health and good poos. Perfect for sensitive stomachs!

High protein pet food

High in animal Protein

Containing ALL essential amino acids, our recipes contain a blend of named meat sources fresh and dried (and no pea protein!)

No added sugar pet food

quality ingredients

Scrumbilicious recipes that keep cats and dogs content without nonsense like sugar & salt. Lentils and potato free too! 

Gluten free pet food

Gluten free Pet food

Our limited ingredient recipes focus on meat. Good whole grains offer a nutritious source of dietary fibre for intestinal health.

Hypoallergenic pet food


Sensitive stomachs partaay! We add probiotics & avoid common allergens like wheat, beef, pork, eggs & dairy for gut health. 

Lhasa apso Dog and tabby cat skating
Lhasa apso Dog and tabby cat skating

We’re committed to helping our furry

friends look and feel fantastic arming

pet parents with the best pet food & knowledge

so every pet can live well

We take a conscious approach to help

those who need us most and take care to

minimise our impact on our planet.

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Black and white British flag


Our pet food is proudly made in the UK to reduce carbon emissions. We’re committed to supporting British businesses and source the majority of our ingredients from the UK.

Black delivery van


All deliveries of our natural pet food is carbon neutral. Better for us – and for the planet!

High Five


Every bag of Scrumbles serves a greater purpose. We donate at least 10% of our profits and food to animal welfare charities. We're targeting 20,000 meals this year.

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We’re committed to eliminating plastic fully from our supply chain without compromising on the food itself. From compostable bags to recyclable tins, we have some exciting developments!