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Welcome to Scrumbles

It doesn’t matter if you’re more dog or more cat, or maybe you’re a lover of all furry things. We salute you because we think there’s nothing better than a life spent with a furry companion. The longer that life, the better. That’s why we created Scrumbles – a nutritious AND delicious range of cat and dog food to fuel a life full of adventures. And it’s also why we give 10% of our annual profits to enable adventures for cats and dogs who need us most. 

Tailored nutrition for cats and dogs using natural, quality ingredients. Perfect for curious kittens, playful puppies, cool cats and daring dogs and ethically made right here in the UK. Wahay!


At Scrumbles we make super yummy, all-natural dog & cat food. This is a nasty-free zone - our food is naturally hypoallergenic, gluten free and incredibly healthy. With added probiotics to promote gut health. Only the best will do! 

High protein pet food

High in animal Protein

Containing all essential amino acids, our recipes are packed with a blend of fresh and dried chicken (and no pea protein!)

No added sugar pet food

No nasties

Naturally delicious without added nonsense like sugar or salt. Lentils, peas and potato free too!

Gluten free pet food

Gluten free

Our recipes contain good digestible grains, brown rice and oats. A nutritious source of dietary fibre to maintain intestinal health.

Hypoallergenic pet food

Naturally Hypoallergenic

We add probiotics & avoid common allergens like wheat, beef, pork, eggs & dairy. Perfect for sensitive tummies.

Our story

Like all good stories, ours began with smelly poos.

What goes in must come out so we took a long, hard look at what we were feeding.

Cats and dogs have never been as unhealthy as they are right now, and it’s easy to see why. Ingredient lists longer than your vets bill, things Jack couldn’t possibly pronounce and shady things you wouldn’t want in your food like non named meat sources, or high levels of veg protein for our obligate carnivorous felines.

Uh uh.

Unhappy with the choices available and unable to find a healthy dog & cat food that tasted good and didn’t cost a paw and a leg, we decided to create our own.

Two and a half years on, with the help of expert nutritionists, Scrumbles was born - our delicious range of all-natural dog and cat food recipes with zero nasties and a wiggle of approval from chief tasters Smudge and Boo. 





Aneisha & Jack

Aneisha & Jack