Chicken Dry Kitten Food

For Kittens and pregnant cats, queens

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Eat, sleep, PLAY. repeat. Looking for the best kitten food? Because we love cats, we’ll take care of delivering the best nutrition so you can focus on kitty cuddles. Our complete dry kitten food is packed with high quality, digestible meat, plus DHA to help your curious kitten grow into a clever, cool cat!

Best Kitten Food for the best start in life

Choosing the best kitten food for your new cat can be a daunting task. We believe the best kitten food should help support great gut health. That’s why our dried kitten food is designed to be highly digestible with added pre and probiotics, for pretty poops. As obligate carnivores we also pack our kitten food with 77% chicken, that’s free-run and responsibly sourced. We use a blend of freshly prepared and dehydrated chicken to deliver as much animal protein as possible (98%) providing all essential amino acids that vegetable protein doesn’t. This is crucial as our kitty cats cannot synthesise these themselves.


Digestive Health

Having dealt with our fair share of sensitive stomachs, we know to put gut health first. As well as including gut friendly ingredients like probiotics, we exclude common allergens like gluten, eggs, soya and dairy. Making it the best kitten food for sensitive tums!

Protein Rich

Meat protein not pea protein. Kittens are obligate carnivores and need a high ANIMAL protein content to get all amino acids and thrive. We use lots of proper meat in our kitten dry food that’s highly digestible and naturally tasty.

Eco Friendly

We’re a proud B Corp and make conscious decisions to do well by our pets AND the planet. We use 100% recyclable mono PE plastic which you can recycle at larger stores to avoid going to landfill.

Complete Kitten Food

This is a nutritionally complete recipe for kittens and pregnant cats containing everything they need to grow and thrive in those earl. Feed it on its own or mix it up with one of our complete wet cat foods.

A side of rice and carrot provide essential dietary fibre and dried cranberries are believed to help support a healthy urinary tract. While salmon oil provides EPA & DHA for cognitive & visual development to make your curious kitty as bright as can be.

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All our recipes come with approval from our own family pets, and are developed with nutritionists and approved by vets to conform to FEDIAF guidelines.

77% Chicken
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