B Corp Impact Report 2022

Our core mission is to help cats and dogs live happy and healthy lives, through serving gut-friendly recipes that don't cost the earth. At the tender age of one we certified as the 2nd ever B Corp pet food company in the UK. A hugely intensive yet rewarding process, that both validates the activities we've done to tread lighter on the planet, as well as committing us to continually build and improve on these efforts.

Every three year's B Corps must carry out a B Corp impact assessment to highlight where goals have been met, where there's still work to do, and to set further goals. Now that three years have passed since we first certified, it's time for us to release our first ever Impact Report. In this report we’ll update you on all the good stuff we’ve been doing over the past year, from donating over £43k to environmental charities to litter-picking along the Thames riverbank, as well as delving into our recertification and new impact score.

Read our 2022 Impact Report here

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