1% For the Planet

Since we started our war against poo we were determined to approach it mindful of our wider impact. It’s one of the reasons we certified as a B Corp, to hold ourselves accountable. And why we chose to give back every day via 1% for the planet.

As a member of 1% of the planet, every sale of Scrumbles has an impact. Whether we make a profit or not (and like many start-ups we don't have the healthiest of profits....yet!) we're committed to putting our money where our mouth is and empowering our lovely customers to join us in being better.

Slowvember is one way to stick it to the old way of doing things and take a step in a greener direction and our 1% ongoing donation is one small way to make a positive change and be a business acting as a force for good.

Good food shouldn't cost the earth

If we eat well at the expense of our precious planet, we won’t be here for long, so what’s the point? That’s why we take conscious decisions like manufacturing locally to reduce our food miles, using responsibly sourced ingredients and eco packaging. Ahead of COP27 we've seen lots of vivid and even scary reminders of why we all need to be doing better. 

Inevitably our very existence has an impact and in the context of the environmental crisis it is easy to look at pets as simply consumers or net emitters of CO2, but to do so would overlook the incredible and varied benefits they have to society, (cuteness aside). Our furbabies provide us with a whole host of benefits:

  • Health and Fitness – perhaps the most obvious impact is to physical health. Be it walkies or playtime at home, studies show pet owners have better cardiovascular health and fewer trips to the doctor. Raising children around pets is linked to stronger immune systems, reduced risks of allergies and fewer missed days of school for illness.
  • Mental Health – pets offer companionship and endorphin-boosting interactions that can be a lifeline*. Studies show that in an increasing epidemic of loneliness, pets offer loyal friendships and can even be a means by which to bond with other people.
  • Wider society – Pets enhance social cohesion, instil responsibility and encourage empathy. They also play an important role in therapy, rehabilitation and learning.

By taking a conscious approach to how we and our pets live, we can balance the health of the planet and our loved ones

Why 1% for the planet

We have lots of ideas and aspirations for how we can help improve the lives of our furry friends, teammates and environment. Being a B Corp is great and it's fantastic to see the movement grow every year achieving even more. But B Corp is a longer-term initiative and we wanted to show we could make a tangible impact with every sale we make. That's why we became 1% for the planet members back in 2020 committing 1% of every sale of our gut-friendly goodies to environmental and social causes. Making a small positive change, every day. 

Visit the 1% for the Planet website to learn the many ways you can be 1% better through everyday actions, events and commitments.

Over £130,000 donated 

So far, you've helped us donate over £130k as part of our 1% for the planet commitments to several different charities. All of our team chose a charity to support and as our team and sales grow we aim to reach even more: 

Child poverty is a growing crisis in London. To provide a happy, healthy, fulfilled life to our youth we believe they all deserve a chance at a better future. There are thousands of disadvantages that poverty causes, preventing many children from having shelter, food, and even a family. So, you’re helping us bring light to their lives with our donations. 

Climate change has been affecting our planet more drastically than ever before and we must take a stand. Earth Trust works to improve farming by developing land management techniques, integrating woodland management to protect our forests, and providing and managing new breeding habitats for water & wetlands. These are pivotal in improving the damage we have made to our planet. Through your support, we are taking part in protecting our land to build a cleaner and greener future for the earth. 


With 36 nature reserves, the London Wildlife Trust is restoring, protecting, and creating a new habitat for animals and nature. Their strategic plan to improve the future of wildlife in London will allow everyone to experience the beauty of the environment we call home. The climate and ecological crisis our planet is facing require our support and this is how we are making our mark for a sustainable future. 


Trees for Life

The Scottish Highlands require vital environmental developments to improve their land. Through planting new trees, Trees for Life is providing new habitable spaces for wildlife and nature to thrive in. And thanks to your support, the Highlands will increasingly be able to restore and rewild the unique forests which once covered all of Scotland. 


Devon Environment Foundation

As one of Britain's largest and least densely populated counties, Devon is working to protect and restore 30% of its land and water by the year 2030. The scale of the climate and global nature emergencies is ever-increasing and the Devon Environment Foundation is committed to regenerating its sustainable and environmentally conscious efforts to make for a greener future, for all of us. 


Rewilding Britain 

The dramatic decline in wildlife has threatened Earth as we know it. To ensure and prevent many species from facing extinction, Rewilding Britain is ensuring the restoration of these habitats to protect our ecosystem. These positive and impactful changes will eventually allow the species to independently protect, sustain, and take care of their land once again.

What's next?

Sharing our latest social and environmental impact report. If you haven't already, sign up to get our newsletter for offers and new news. In this update, we'll share what we know about our impact so far, how we're looking to be better e.g. through measuring and acting to reduce our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and some of the highlights and barriers we've faced along the way. 


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