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My Dog has Anxiety, Can Scrumbles help?

Like lots of humans, dogs are creatures of habit. They thrive on knowing what to expect and love to have a routine. . An anxious dog will feel better if you make sure that their walks, meals and all aspects of their daily life are as routine as possible.

Some dogs are more anxious than others and this is often linked to missed socialisation opportunities during puppyhood. The first few months of a pup’s life are called the ‘socialisation period.’ This is when they need to experience a wide range of sounds, sights and situation so that they learn to take them in their stride as they grow up. Unfortunately, dogs who miss out on being properly socialised can end up with a range of fears or phobias.

If your pooch is a sensitive soul and needs some help to calm down their anxiety, why not try our calming dog treats nibbles. They’re perfect to calm anxious dogs ahead of stressful situations, like car journeys and during fireworks season. Our Nibbles are gently baked in the UK with calming ingredients. Shaped like a giant chocolate button (but with no naughty chocolate in them!), these are great for large breed and small breed dogs alike.