Wet Cat Food Variety pack

For all cats, 3 months+


Our wet cat food variety pack features a selection of our delicious, digestible, grain-free paté recipes in 85g pots. Perfect for mixing things up at mealtime or to give our wet food recipes a try. We use human grade ingredients, avoid nasties, and add gut-friendly prebiotics. Proudly made in the UK

The multi pack contains 2 of each of our most popular flavours; Salmon, Chicken and Tuna.


Wet Cat Food Paté Recipes

Our wet food variety pack features a selection of our delicious, digestible, grain-free recipes in 85g trays. This variety pack is the perfect way to mix it up at mealtimes or to use as a taster to find out your cat’s favourite flavour.

The multi pack contains 2 of each flavour; Salmon, Chicken or Tuna. Delicious, complete wet food recipes loaded with 70% of meat and added slippery elm to soothe sensitive stomachs. Naturally grain free, although please note our recipes are made on facilities that handle grains.

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Easy To Digest

All our wet cat food recipes are made with a limited number of quality, digestible ingredients for digestive health and exclude common allergens like gluten, grain, eggs and dairy making them naturally hypoallergenic.

Eco Friendly

We’re committed to doing well by our pets AND planet, & use eco packaging. Help us reduce our environmental impact by recycling your tray & cardboard outer. The trays should be clean of food residues.

Animal protein rich

Meat or fish is always the #1 ingredients in our wet food recipes. With 70% meat or fish, sourced responsibly to provide a plentiful source of proteins and amino acids for our obligate carnivorous friends.

Complete Cat Food

Our wet food recipes are nutritionally complete providing everything your cat needs to thrive. Feed it on its own or mix it up with one of our gluten free dry cat food recipes.

50p to charity
100% Natural
Grain Free
Made in the UK

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