Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Guide

So, you've got a soft spot for big, fluffy dogs, eh? Well, you're in for a treat with the Bernese Mountain Dog! These gentle giants are the teddy bears of the dog world – just bigger, hairier, and with a penchant for drooling. Let's dive into everything you need to know about these Swiss charmers.

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Bernese Mountain Dog Basics

Average Lifespan: 6-8 years

Average Weight: 30-55 kg

Average Height: 58-70 cm

Colouring: Tri-colour (black, white, and rust or tan)

Trainability: Highly trainable, eager to please

Exercise Needs: High, at least 1 hour daily

Shedding: Heavy shedding, especially during seasonal changes

Origins of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog hails from the picturesque Swiss Alps, where they worked hard as farm dogs. They were the original Swiss Army dogs – herding cattle, pulling carts, and keeping an eye on the farm. These days, they've traded the farm life for family life, spreading their charm far and wide.

What Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Look Like?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are like walking, wagging teddy bears. They've got a thick double coat that's perfect for snuggles, with a jet-black base, white chest, and tan or rust-coloured markings. Their expressive eyes and bushy tail add to their charm. Males can weigh up to 55 kg, while females are a bit lighter, but still hefty enough for a good cuddle.

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Bernese Mountain Dog Personality

These dogs are as sweet as they come. Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their loving and gentle nature. They're loyal to their families and great with kids and other pets. Despite their size, they're total softies who love a good belly rub and a nap on the couch.

In addition to their gentle demeanour, Bernese Mountain Dogs are incredibly intelligent and eager to please. They’re also quick learners and respond well to positive reinforcement training. So, make sure to have plenty of treats on hand to reward your pup for good behaviour!

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs High Energy?

You bet! Bernese Mountain Dogs have plenty of energy to burn. They need at least an hour of exercise a day – think long walks, playtime, and maybe even a bit of cart pulling if you're feeling nostalgic.

Keeping their minds busy with training and puzzle toys will help keep them happy and out of mischief. You could even try out some dog sports like agility or tracking to really challenge and engage your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good With Children?

Absolutely! Bernese Mountain Dogs are fantastic with kids. They're patient, gentle, and protective – basically the ideal nanny dog. Just remember, they're big, so it's always good to supervise when they're around very young children to avoid any accidental knockdowns.

Bernese Mountain Dog Feeding Requirements

Feeding a Bernese Mountain Dog is no small task – they need a nutritious diet to match their size and energy. Look for food that's high in quality protein, healthy fats, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Splitting their meals into two servings a day can help prevent bloat, a common issue in large breeds. Always check the ingredients list for meat as the first ingredient and steer clear of fillers like corn and soy.

Scrumbles, the Pawfect Food for Bernese Mountain Dogs

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Looking for the pawfect food for your Bernese Mountain Dog? We've got you covered! Our recipes are crafted with natural ingredients to keep your Bernese in tip-top shape. Here are some of the highlights:

  • High meat content: Up to 70% meat or fish to satisfy their big appetites.
  • Added gut goodies: Prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion and those all-important pretty poops.
  • Hypoallergenic: No gluten, soy, dairy, egg, or red meat – perfect for sensitive tums.
  • Grain-free options: Great for dogs with grain sensitivities.
  • Flavour variety: Choose from chicken, turkey, or salmon – even the fussiest eaters will be pleased.

So, why not give Scrumbles a try and see the difference in your Bernese Mountain Dog's health and happiness? We can't wait to be a part of your furry family's journey!

Is a Bernese Mountain Dog Right for You?

Bringing a Bernese Mountain Dog into your life is a big commitment – quite literally! These dogs need plenty of space to roam, regular exercise, and lots of love and attention. If you've got the time, energy, and a big enough sofa for those snuggle sessions, a Bernese Mountain Dog could be your perfect furry friend.

So, if you're ready for a loyal, loving, and slightly slobbery companion, the Bernese Mountain Dog might just be the dog for you. Get ready for lots of love, laughs, and maybe a bit of drool – but trust us, it's worth it!

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