Can Dogs Eat Gravy?

When it comes to mealtime, our canine companions seem to have a sixth sense for delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen. As pet parents, we naturally want to include our furry friends in the culinary delights we enjoy, like the luscious goodness of gravy. But the question lingers, "Can dogs eat gravy?" To ensure our pets' safety and well-being, let's delve into the world of doggy dining and explore whether gravy is a suitable treat for our beloved four-legged pals. 

Is it all gravy? 

Alright, let's get to the meat of the matter and clarify what gravy for dogs truly entails. Whilst it might sound like a no-brainer for your dog to enjoy gravy, it's not quite as simple as a yes or no, as it really depends on how the gravy was made, and what it was made with. Let's break things down a little more...

Gravy intended for us hoomans typically contains high levels of fats and salt that wouldn't be safe for frequent consumption by our pooches. It's also typically thickened with some kind of flour, meaning it often contains gluten, and can be flavoured with toxic ingredients like garlic. Gravy granules or  Therefore, feeding your doggy a gravy intended for hoomans is a no no. Here are a couple of examples..


Can dogs have OXO cubes?

No, your pooch shouldn't have OXO stock cubes. Firstly, they're prety high in salt, and whilst not so high as to cause any immediate issue, could if fed over a long period. If your pooch manages to get their teeth around a whole cube in one go, that's roughly 30g of salt. Salt toxicity can occur when a pooch ingests 2-3g of salt per kg of their body weight. For the average pooch, that's around 30g of salt aka one stock cube. OXO also contains flavourings, sugars, and onion, all of which your pooch should avoid.

Can my dog eat Bisto gravy?

In our opinion, you can never have too much gravy on your plate. However tasty it is for us though, Bisto gravy is one to avoid for your pooch. Not only does it contain onion, which is toxic to dogs, but it also contains Soy which some dogs can be intolerant too. Eating or licking a bit of this shouldn't cause any major issues, but you may notice a not so pretty poop as a result. 

dog food

Can dogs eat mash and gravy OXO?

Similarly, in traditional pet food's, gravy can be a sneaky way to include added sugars, salts, or flavourings. Whilst this might make it addictively delicious for your pooch, it won't be so great for their teeth or tummies. 

However, if the gravy is made from a meat broth-based liquid with no extra nasties or toxic ingredients, then gravy can be a brilliant way to enhance the taste and appeal of your dog's regular food. Especially for the fuss pots out there! 

How to safely prepare gravy for dogs

If your pooch loves a splosh of gravy on their dinner, or it's the only way to get them tucking in, here's a snout-ful of suggestions to make your gravy dog-friendly and drool-worthy.

Ingredients to include:

  • Meat Broth: Nothing gets tails wagging like a bowlful of meat broth! Use lean and boneless proteins like chicken or beef to create a flavor-packed base for your gravy. 
  • Water: If you're not in the mood for a full-on meaty extravaganza, no worries! A simple water-based gravy can still add some paw-some moisture and flavor to your dog's regular chow time. 
  • Starch: Time to thicken things up a bit! Add a dog-friendly starch like potato or rice flour to give your gravy a smooth texture. Just make sure it's cooked through, so no one gets stuck with a mushy mess. 
  • Veggie Vibes: Let's toss in some dog-approved veggies like carrots or green beans. Not only will they add a healthy touch, but they'll also make your pup feel like they're getting their veggie fix. Win-win! 
  • Herbs and Spices: A sprinkle of pet-safe herbs like parsley can take your gravy game from "meh" to "bow-wow-wow!" But always double-check if the herbs are safe for your pup before you let the flavor party begin. 

Ingredients to avoid: 

  • Onions and Garlic: Keep those two out of your doggy gravy recipe – they can be a real buzzkill for our furry friends and may cause tummy troubles or even more serious health issues. 
  • Salt Spill: A little sprinkle is okay, but a salty river in the gravy bowl? Not a good idea! Excessive salt can lead to a salty situation of sodium ion poisoning, leaving your pup feeling ruff! 
  • Fatty Additives: While we humans might enjoy a gravy loaded with butter and fatty goodness, our pups need to keep their slim figures intact. Too much fat can lead to tummy tantrums and pesky pancreatitis, so let's stick to lean ingredients. 
  • Human-Grade Gravy Mixes: Say "sayonara" to those store-bought gravy mixes meant for humans! They often contain sneaky ingredients that are not paw-approved, like artificial flavours and preservatives. Keep it simple and wholesome for your furry friend! 
Gravy for Dogs

    Moderation is the Sauce of Life: 

    Alright, folks, let's talk portion control – because nobody wants a pup with a gravy hangover! While gravy can add some flavour fiesta to your dog's meals, it should never replace their regular diet or be served in humongous quantities. We want happy pups, not pups with stomach aches or waistlines that rival sumo wrestlers!

    Can Dogs Have Gravy ?

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    There you have it, folks – the saucy truth about gravy for dogs! It's all about making it dog-friendly, keeping the seasoning safe, and serving it in moderation. So, the next time you're indulging in some gravy goodness, don't forget to invite your furry friend to the paw-ty! Just stick to a pet-friendly recipe, avoid any no-no ingredients, and watch your pup's eyes light up with joy as they dive into the gravy galore! 

    Remember, it's all about adding some extra flavor and excitement to your dog's mealtime – they deserve it for being the best snuggle buddies and tail waggers around! So, go on, create a gravy delight that will have your dog licking their chops and begging for seconds. Happy gravy slurping, fur-friends! Woof-tastic! 🐾🍲 

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