Cavachon breed guide

Friendly | Gentle | Loving. What do you get when you cross a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a bichon frise? A cute and cuddly Cavachon of course! This designer crossbreed of dog is fairly new to the game, however, it’s easy to see why these cuties are growing in popularity across Britain. Inheriting a gentle and loving temperament from their two parental breeds, the Cavachon is a great family pet and loyal companion dog. Today we’ll be discussing everything there is to know about the Cavachon, including their origins, personality and how Scrumbles can help keep your Cavachon a thriving ball of floofy energy.

Cavachon Basics: 

Average Lifespan: 10-15 years

Average Weight: 4-9kg

Average Height: 25-35cm

Colouring: white, black, cream, tan, bi-colour, tri-colour

Trainability: High

Exercise Needs: Low - Moderate

Shedding: Low

Cavachon breed guide

Cavachon History: The Short of It

Cavachons were first crossbred in the USA in 1996. The idea behind this designer breed was to merge the favourable qualities of its two parental breeds, the Cavaliar King Charles spaniel and the bichon frise whilst also reducing the incidence of health conditions that pedigree breeds are prone to developing. The result is the Cavachon, a small intelligent doggy with a loving temperament and low-shedding “hypoallergenic” coat which it gets from its bichon frise genetics. As Cavachons are a designer crossbreed, they aren’t recognised by the British Kennel Club or American Kennel Club, however, this hasn’t hindered their popularity as they are one of the most popular small hybrid dog breeds in the USA and are also quickly gaining favour in the UK.  

What do Cavachons Look Like?

As with any crossbreed, the appearance of Cavachons can vary greatly. Some may be more bichon frise-esque with curly white fluff, whereas others may have more of a wavy coat like a Cavalier. However they all have one thing in common, all Cavachons are little bundles of silky-coated cuteness. 

They inherit their short stature from both pawrental lineages which makes them great lap dogs and are well suited to apartment living. They have a medium to long coat that is super soft and silky but can also look a bit scruffy. 

Cavachons come in all different colours and variations including white, black, cream, tan, bi-colour, and tri-colour, so there really is a Cavachon for any preference.

Cavachon look like

Cavachon Temperament

Cavachons are known for being friendly, gentle and sociable dogs. They have low to moderate energy levels, so a 45-60 minute walk per day is usually enough for them to stretch their legs as long as they have plenty of playtime throughout the day. 

They form strong bonds with their pawrents and make great companions and lap dogs, so if you love the idea of having a silky fluff ball snuggling into your lap whilst you're working from home, the Cavachon may just be the pooch for you. 

Cavachons are very gentle and friendly, so make great family pets. They enjoy socialising with other pooches and when trained they can also do well with cats, which is ever so impawtent for maintaining a harmonious furmily. 

As Cavachons form strong attachments to their owners, it’s important that they receive proper puppy training, emphasised on teaching them that it’s okay for them to be left alone from time to time to prevent separation anxiety. 

Are Cavachons Good City Pets?

Due to their pocket size and laid-back temperament, Cavachons make excellent city pets and adjust well to apartment living. This is a reason why they are so popular in the USA and are increasing in popularity within the UK, particularly in the larger cities. As Cavachons love their pawrents so dearly, they are ideal for people who work from home, however, if trained well they can also manage time apart if left at home with plenty of toys and games to keep their intelligent minds active. 

Are Cavachons Hypoallergenic?

The rise in popularity of the Cavachon is partly due to their low-shedding quality which they inherit from the bichon frise. This quality is believed to be hypoallergenic, and although hoomans that get sniffly around long-haired dogs may be better suited to owning a Cavachon, no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic

This is because humans are actually allergic to a dog’s dander or dead skin cells that are on a dog’s fur rather than the fur itself. 

Nevertheless, long-haired dogs or those that shed heavily will cause more sniffles as the dander on their fur gets dropped to the floor or furniture in larger quantities. Therefore having a dog that sheds less i.e. the cavachon should be more comfortable for people that have dog allergies.

Scrumbles, The Pawfect Match For Cavachons

Toy breeds such as the Cavachon have higher energy requirements comparative to their size. It's therefore essential that these pups eat a dog food that is nutritionally dense to keep them happy and in optimal health.

Scrumbles dog food is packed with all of the essential vitamins and minerals to keep your Cavachon thriving. With all-natural ingredients and added gut-loving probiotics or prebiotics, our dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats can help improve digestion and prevent upset tummies. 

Scrumbles dog food

Our Dry Dog Food For Puppies and Toy Breeds, is great for petite Cavachons who may benefit from eating a smaller kibble size. It’s also packed with 65% chicken and extra goodies such as DHA from salmon oil which helps to keep your Cavachon’s active brain healthy.

So make the switch to Scrumbles today and see the goodness in your Cavachon from the inside out!

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