Do Calming Dog Beds Really Work ?

If you’re like us and have been guilty of staying up a little too late on a work night looking for the next best thing to buy your fur friend, you’ve probably come across an array of oval-shaped dog beds that look oh-so snuggly claiming to calm anxious dogs. These are called calming dog beds and are designed in a way to calm stressed-out pooches and in doing so treat the symptoms of dog anxiety. But do they really work? Today we’re going to jump right into calming dog beds, what they are, the different types out there, and explore whether they really work at chilling out worried pups.

Dog Anxiety 

Research by the RSPCA suggests that 85% of British dogs may be struggling with anxiety particularly when left at home alone. They can also become anxious when exposed to certain triggers, the most common ones being:
  • Loud noises such as fireworks, thunder and lightning.
  • Other dogs or animals.
  • Meeting strangers.
  • Walking on different surfaces or heights.
  • Visual stimuli such as hats, kites or umbrellas.
  • And other specific situations like going to the dreaded vet or on long car drives.

All dogs tend to experience some form of stress from time to time. However, when it becomes more regular or their stress response becomes heightened they can develop anxiety and behavioural disorders.

What Are the Signs of Dog Anxiety?

It’s impawtent to identify the symptoms of dog anxiety so that you can best look after your stressed-out pooch. Some of these can be similar to those shown by poorly trained pups, but if any of these become more regular or in response to similar triggers, it may be a sign of dog anxiety.
These symptoms include:

  • Shivering, shaking or trembling.
  • Excessive drooling or panting.
  • Anxious body language such as a lowered tail with earls pulled back.
  • Destructive behaviour.
  • Hiding or burrowing.
  • Barking, whining or whimpering.
  • Licking their lips excessively.
  • Pacing and restlessness.
  • Self-harm such as biting their paws or scratching themselves.

What are Calming Dog Beds?

Dog Calming Bed

When your dog was a little pup, if they were ever scared or anxious their instinctual response would have been to nestle into their mother or litter for comfort and warmth. It’s not unlike when you hug your pooch and they bury their nose into you with love. This is a natural response that they develop when they are young and many carry this into their adult life.
Calming dog beds are designed to emulate the very same feeling. With an ovular or doughnut-looking shape lined with cuddly faux fur and plush padding to nestle into when they’re scared or anxious, as well as a soft bolstered rim to support their head and neck when snoozing, dog calming beds aim to provide the same comforting feeling that they would have felt when they were little.

Types of Calming Dog Beds

There are many different types of calming dog beds on the market that claim to have different purposes or benefits for all sorts of pooches.
Here’s a breakdown of some of the main ones:

Bolstered Dog Beds:
Most calming dog beds will have a plush raised edging on them. This gives them something to nestle into as well as a place for their head and neck to rest. These calming dog beds are best for larger pooches and ones that like curling up when they hit the snooze button.

Donut Calming Dog Beds
These round donut-shaped calming dog beds also are bolstered around the edges and are best for smaller breeds of doggies. They emulate the feeling of being surrounded by their mother or litter and are usually lined with plush faux fur and comfy padding.

Orthopaedic Dog Beds
Older dogs can be more prone to developing anxiety from pain, and orthopaedic dog beds are usually best for more senior pooches with joint pains. They are made with memory foam to support painful joints giving them a safe place to rest and feel secure.

Self-Warming Dog Beds
If your pup is always trying to seek out the best spot in front of the fireplace or heater, then a self-warming dog bed may be the one for their next Christmas present. Warmth provides comfort and is best for those pooches who get anxious or scared when cold.

Cave Dog Beds
These calming dog beds look like miniature snuggly igloos and are best for smaller dogs that burrow or hide when they’re scared.

Do Calming Dog Beds Really Work?

Although they sure look comfy, the jury’s out on whether calming dog beds really work. The idea behind calming dog beds is sound, however, there haven’t been any scientific studies to fully prove whether they really work for treating dog anxiety.
If your pooch shows signs of mild anxiety or stress, buying them a calming dog bed can help provide them a safe space for them to find comfort and rest. However, if you’re concerned that your pooch might be showing signs of an anxiety or behavioural disorder it’s best to discuss with your vet or dog behaviouralist to set up an effective management plan.

What Makes Scrumbles Dog Calming Treats The Best?

Scrumbles Dog calming treats
 It’s impawtent to remember that not all calming dog beds are created the same. Some aren’t machine washable which can create a breeding zone for nasty bacteria, and some are made with synthetic materials that can produce nasty fumes that are unhealthy when breathed in. Therefore you should always read the label to make sure what you’re buying is made from natural fibres and premium quality cotton.
What we do know is that our Nibbles Dog Calming Treats are 100% natural and bound to help relax your dog. We use highly digestible turkey which contains the amino acid L-tryptophan which naturally promotes a restful sleep and a good mood. With added lemon balm and chamomile It’s the pawfect way to give your dog a chill pill.
So, if your dog gets a little too worried when you’re out and about, or they’ve got a scary vet trip coming up, head on over and check out our healthy, highly digestible and delectable Dog Calming Treats.

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