Dog age in Human Years

Stressing over the right card or number of candles to get your dog? We hear you, so this blog is dedicated to maths and dogs, two things we adore. Read on to work out exactly what your dog age is in human years.

How many dog years are equal to human years?

For a number of year's we believed that dogs aged linearly with one human year equivalent to 7 dog years. We now know that's not true and that there are other factors such as breed size that come into play. Your Great Dane and Chihuahua might be the same age in human terms, but this won't ring true for dog years. Smaller breeds have a longer lifespan than larger breeds and typically don't reach the senior lifestage until around 10 human years. The below guide shows how the ageing process differs between breed size and will help you determine your dog's age.

How to determine your dog's age if they're a rescue.

If you've adopted a rescue, you may not know how old they are but there are some clues to help you roughly work out how old your dog is.

Do they still have puppy teeth?

dog teeth

Puppy teeth are razor sharp and your puppy will have their full set of 28 by 8 weeks old (human years). As your puppy grows into a strong, healthy adult, these puppy teeth fall out to make way for their adult Gnashers. This happens around 6 months old (human years).

Are their pearly whites white?

Did you know less than 1% of dog parents regularly brush their dogs teeth? Vets recommend daily brushing, twice a day to keep oral health in check. Assuming your dog hasn't had daily brushing, their adult teeth will show some yellowing. If it's just the back teeth that show some yellowing, this suggests your dog could be between 1 and 2 human years old. If lots of teeth are yellow and there is some plaque or tartar build-up your doggy is likely to be older. Signs of gum disease and missing teeth with heavy plaque suggest your dog is over 5 years old.

Grey Hairs

Just like us, as our dogs age they grey. Typically this starts around 5 human years old. Although if your dog has had a particularly stressful life, they could grey earlier.

Cloudy Eyes

Cloudy eyes is a normal part of ageing. As dogs age, the cells of the eye lens pack more tightly together as new layers are added. This gives off a cloudy appearance and will typically start from around 7 years old. Cloudy eyes (Nuclear Sclerosis) are not to be confused with Cataracts. You should be able to tell the difference as Cataracts are white and opaque whilst nuclear sclerosis has a slightly blue hue. If in doubt speak to your vet who will be able to examine your doggy's eyes.

dog eyes

How to help your dog live longer?

You can't change genetics but you can still contribute positively to your dog's lifespan. Below are a few simple things you can do.

A healthy lifestyle

The latest research shows that obesity can shave off as much as 2 and a half years off your dog's life. An active lifestyle fuelled by good nutrition looks after your dog's mental and physical wellbeing. Choosing the right food for your dog that's complete, and has the right balance of nutrients will help your dog thrive. If you're looking for a new food we'd love you to consider Scrumbles. We have a range of complete dry dog food and wet dog food as well as guilt-free dog treats that's designed to be kind to tummies and to the planet.

Stress free living

Our dog's pick up on how we're feeling and mirror our stress levels. By reducing your own stress levels you'll have a positive impact on your dog's life. We know that stress contributes to health problems raising blood pressure, leading to depression and contributing to obesity. Our dog's experience these same emotions and problems. Avoiding stressful situations, introducing calming music and calming dog treats are all simple ways to help reduce stress levels for your pooch. If they hate car journeys, dedicate time to training to help desensitise them.

Regular check ups with your vet

An annual trip to the vet is a must. Your vet will then be able to identify any issues early on and help prevent issues from arising as well as keep a check on your dog's dental health and weight.

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