Arabian Mau Cat Breed Guide

Active | Ancient | Night-Owls. The Arabian Mau cat is an ancient breed of floof that originates in the harsh deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. As natural descendants of wildcats of the area, these kitties have purrfectly evolved to thrive in the treacherous conditions of the Arabian Desert. Not many of these guys have made their way out of the Middle East yet but their spirited and lively purrsonalities dazzle all those that get to experience playing with them. Read on to find out more.


Average Lifespan: 10 - 18 years

Average Weight:  3 - 7kg

Coat Length: Short

Colouring: Commonly tabby but can also be white, black, brown, red, bi-colour and tri-colour

Shedding: Low


The Arabian Mau is one of the oldest natural breeds of kitty cat. They’ve been prowling the arid deserts of the Arabian Peninsular for over a thousand years having naturally evolved from African Wildcats. These days they are in abundance in the metropolitan cities of Dubai, Muscat, Riyadh and Doha as beloved pets as well as strays. 

Little is known about their modern-day history as these kitties are extremely rare outside of the Middle East and aren’t recognised by TICA or the GCCF. However, it’s believed that Ms Petra Mueller is the modern-day mother of the breed and owned up to 180 Arabian Maus in her Dubai villa at one point. She is still active in cat conservation in the Middle East and has been successful in gaining breed recognition for the Arabian Mau from the World Cat Federation and the local Emirates Feline Federation. 

arabian mau


Similar to the wildcats they descend from, Arabian Maus have an athletic body with long legs sitting atop purrfectly round paws. They have a short coat that is suited to the scorching desert temperatures of the Arabian Peninsula. Their ears are large and pointy to help them detect the slightest scurrying of their prey and their brilliant green eyes help them to track down their rodent victims in the dead of night. Their coat colours help them blend into their desert surroundings and can be tabby, white, black, brown, red, bi-colour and tri-colour. 


Arabian Maus have an active purrsonality that matches their athletic looks. They’re extremely playful and enjoy games that stimulate their natural hunting instincts and allow them to blow off steam by stalking, pouncing and jumping. 

Due to the extreme daytime temperatures of the Arabian Peninsula, these kitties have grown to be more nocturnal than most, catching some Z’s throughout the day before revving up for some playtime and hunting in the cooler temperatures of the night. With this, they are better suited to living in a home where they have access to the outdoors rather than being solely an indoor cat. This will allow them to keep themselves occupied rather than pawing at your face to try and wake you up in the middle of the night to play. 

If you do allow your kitty to explore the great outdoors, make sure that they’re wearing a cat collar with a bell to protect your local birdlife and keep their hunting to the pesky vermin. 


Arabian Maus are very chatty cats and can certainly test their owner’s patience at times. Their meow is also more high-pitched than most which they use to demand scrummy cat treats or more cuddle time. 


As Arabian Mau cats are a natural breed of floof, these kitties are generally very healthy and live long and happy lives. They have no natural predisposition to any hereditary cat diseases and are known to live long into their late teens if looked after well. This means ensuring that they receive at least 15-30 mins of daily exercise as well as eating a highly nutritious diet that is high in animal meat and contains the purrfect balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 

Arabian Maus are known for being easy to feed as they’re crazy about food and aren’t fussy. Nevertheless, this does make them prone to overeating if their food isn’t correctly portioned so be sure to adjust their portions to their age and activity levels and if giving them treats incorporate these into their daily caloric intake. 


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