Best Cat Christmas Jumpers

Whether your cat’s a purrfect Santa’s little helper or more of a Grinch in disguise, there’s nothing like a cat Christmas jumper to add an extra dash of cuteness to the festive season.  We’ve prowled the internet so you don’t have to and found the best cat Christmas jumpers out there from small independent UK brands. We also had to make mention of a few Scrumbles gift ideas that we know will get your kitty purring this Christmas. So read on and ignite the fashionista within your fur baby.

  1. Sleeveless Christmas Jumper

Best Cat Christmas Jumpers

Starting us off is this classic Red Sleeveless Christmas Jumper from Furmily. A sleeveless jumper is a great entry-level jumper for cats. Some cats don’t like the confined feeling that sleeves add to their little arms, so this sweater is a great choice for cats who are new to the jumper game this Xmas.

  1. Little Pudding Cat Christmas Jumper

Best Cat Christmas Jumpers

Although labelled as a doggy Christmas jumper, picking up a small size in this Little Pudding Christmas jumper will do just fine for your festive fur ball. Make sure to keep the Christmas pudding out of reach from your feline friend though as ingredients such as raisins, currants and cherries are all highly toxic for cats.

  1. Rainbow Christmas Tree Jumper

Best Cat Christmas Jumpers

For our rainbow furmilies, this adorable cat Christmas jumper is the purrfect way for your kitty to show their pride this festive season.

  1. Team Rudolph Cat Christmas Jumper

Best Cat Christmas Jumpers

We all know that Rudolph was the most famous reindeer of all, and now your cat can be the most famous kitty in town with this Team Rudolph Christmas Jumper available from the Lancashire Dog Company. Although designed for doggies, there are five sizes to choose from so you’re bound to find a size that fits your floof

      5. Cable Knit Cat Christmas Jumper

Best cat Christmas jumpers

Some sophisti-cats may prefer comfort and style over cheap jokes, and this Cable Knit Jumper from Sotnos is a perfect choice. With a suave thick knit, this sweater will add a touch of class and warmth to the proudest of felines. Coming in a range of sizes and made from high-quality material, it’s also a great way to keep senior cats warm this winter.

        6. Santa’s Elf Green Christmas Jumper

Best Cat Christmas Jumper

Once December 1st rolls around, it’ll finally be socially acceptable to watch Elf again on repeat. So why not don your little helper in this Santa’s Elf Green Christmas Jumper available from the Petshop Postie, to really get into the spirit as you two snuggle up for a festive movie night!

     7. Santasaurus Cat Christmas Jumper

Best Cat Christmas Jumpers

Christmas can be a stressful time for many pawrents. Cooking for the masses and having to hold a conversation with that awkward relative you thankfully only see once a year can take its toll. So why not add some comic relief to Christmas day with this Santasaurus Cat Christmas Jumper available from Lords and Labradors? Whether you’re a palaeontologist at heart and have been to the National History Museum more times than you can count, or you just want to dress your kitty up in something festively ridiculous, this may just be the cat Christmas jumper for you

           8. Cat Bowtie and Bandana

Best Cat Christmas Jumpers

Okay, so not technically a cat Christmas jumper, but check out these cute Christmas Bowties and Bandanas from Pawesome Couture. Just imagine your kitty greeting your Christmas dinner guests at the door wearing an elegant bow tie! It’s a surefire way to add some sophistication to your evening.

Don’t Forget These Purrfect Scrumbles Gift Ideas

 Now, we couldn’t write a Christmas list without a few honourable mentions of some of our own festive products!

Cat Advent Calendar

It would be greedy to tuck into your own advent calendar without treating your furry best friend to the same courtesy now wouldn’t it?! So why not show them each day this advent just how much you love them with the Scrumbles Cat Advent Calendar? Open a new door each day to reveal a delicious and nutritious cat treat, proven to tickle the taste buds and nourish your floof from the inside out.

Here’s what treats you can expect:

  • Chillz Calming Cat Treats: our nutritious chill pills. They’re packed with lip-smacking chicken and naturally calming valerian which can help your kitty cat chill out if they get stressed this holiday season.
  • Gnashers Cat Dental Treats: our dental health treats. These are baked to a crisp bite and contain the active ingredient SHMP which has been clinically proven to reduce plaque build-up by 80% and maintain a healthy smile.
  • Chicken Niblets: made with all-natural ingredients, 80% chicken, and free from added sugars and salts, our nibbles are the healthiest way to treat your kitty this Christmas.

Turkey Wet Cat Food

As tempting as it is to feed your cat some scraps from the Christmas dinner table, many of the foods that we enjoy over the festive period upset floofy tummies or are downright toxic for cats. 

So why not take the risk out of Christmas dinner by feeding your cat our Turkey in Jelly Wet Cat Food

With tender pieces of turkey and chicken in jelly and added prebiotics to support healthy digestion, they’ll have your cat licking their lips for more this Christmas dinner!


Hopefully, we’ve sparked your inspurr-ation and given you some ideas for some purrfect cat Christmas jumpers and gifts for your fur baby.

From our Scrumbles furmily to yours, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Purrfect New Year.

 Don’t forget to tag us @scrumbles with cute pics of your kitties in their festive get-ups this holiday season!

Best Christmas Jumpers

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