Burmese Cat Breed Guide

Acrobatic | Extroverted | Sacred. Once celebrated in the monasteries of ancient Burma, the Burmese cat continues to be worshipped in homes across the globe due to their sociable temperament and sweet disposition. Today we’ll lay down all of the impawtent info you need to know if you’re thinking about adding a Burmese cat to your fur fam and how Scrumbles can help keep your furry bestie in purrfect health. 

Cute brown Burmese kitten lying down


Average Lifespan: 10 - 18 years

Average Weight: 3.5 - 5.5kg 

Coat Length: Short

Colouring:  Brown, chocolate, lilac, blue, red, cream, blue tortoiseshell (tortie), brown tortie, chocolate tortie and lilac tortie

Shedding: Low


These holy floofs have been worshipped in the ancient monasteries of Burma (modern-day Myanmar) for centuries. However, it wasn’t until 1930 that the mother of the Burmese cat breed, a cat named Wong Mau was brought to America and a breed established. 

Wong Mau looked very similar to the widely popular Siamese cats however with a shorter tail and stronger body. Critics of the breed believed Wong Mau to be a dark Siamese, however, through genetic testing, it was found that this sacred kitty was in fact its own unique breed of floof

Wong Mau was later bred with a seal-point Siamese who produced a litter of half Siamese-presenting cats and half with the Burmese characteristics of Wong Mau. She was later bred with one of her children (not as weird as it sounds when it comes to early cat breeding schemes!) and hence forth the illustrious Burmese breed was established.

White and brown Burmese cat


Burmese cats are strong and athletic kitties with an exotic look to them similar to the Siamese. They have a sweet disposition which can be read from their friendly faces and upturned smile. Their coat is short, compact and glossy and doesn’t shed much, only requiring a weekly brush with a soft bristle brush to remove scraggly bits and keep them looking supreme. 

They have neat, rounded paws and large golden eyes that charm their hoomans into doing their bidding. They come in ten colours which are generally slightly darker at their points (head, feet and tail), referred to as a sepia colouration. 


Hailing from the serene Buddhist temples of Burma you’d think these kitties would have learnt some zen, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Burmese cats are known for their liveliness and confident purrsonalities, retaining a lot of their kitten-like characteristics well into their nine lives. They’re extroverted and active, often showcasing their acrobatic prowess to their wide-eyed watchful hoomans. These kitties love their pawrents and can be demanding of their attention, so if you’re not around home regularly to keep your cat busy with plenty of games and toys, a Burmese cat may not be the one for you. 


Due to their active purrsonalities, Burmese struggle if solely kept indoors, so suit furmilies with larger homes with pet-friendly gardens or at the least secure balconies. If letting your Burmese outdoors, ensure that they have a collar with a bell attached to protect local birdlife and be mindful of their inquisitive brains which have been known to get them lost after hiding themselves in the back of delivery vans!

Burmese cat on the bed


Burmese cats need to eat plenty of protein in the form of animal meat to keep up their energetic lifestyle. They also need 41 different essential nutrients and minerals to keep them purring. 

This can be in the form of a dry cat food or wet cat food, however, it’s impawtent to make sure that their food is specifically labelled as “complete” so that you know it will be delivering the perfect mix of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids to keep them in optimal health. Some Burmese cats are fussier than others, so changing the flavours of their cat food every now and then is a good way to keep them interested in their dinners. 


Scrumbles Cat Food

Here’s why Scrumbles Gut Friendly Cat Food is the purrfect match for Burmese cats:

  1. Protein-rich - All of our recipes are loaded with up to 77% fish or meat to provide cats with essential levels of all-important protein. You won’t find plant proteins such as pea protein in any of our recipes as these are poorly digested by kitties or the fluff as we like to say. 
  2. Added Prebiotics or Probiotics - We use prebiotics or probiotics in our recipes to improve digestibility and soothe irritable floofy stomachs.
  3. Hypoallergenic - We avoid common allergens including dairy, soy, gluten and egg so that even the most sensitive of Burmese cats can enjoy our scrumptious recipes. 
  4. Nutritionally Balanced and Complete Recipes - All of our wet and dry cat food recipes are complete and designed by nutritionists to provide floofs with all of the 41 essential nutrients and minerals they need to keep them in purrfect health. 
  5. Burmese Lick of Approval - Even the fussiest of Burmese cats love our delectable recipes! Just read the 4000+ five-star reviews from satisfied kitties across the UK!
  6. For The Planet - We use eco-friendly packaging to minimise our impact on the climate and are proud to be the second pet food brand in the world to be certified B-Corp making Scrumbles the number one choice for climate-conscious pawrents. 

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