Can Cats Eat Sweetcorn?

Sweetcorn with its vibrant yellow colour, vitamin content and delicious taste, is a vegetable that hoomans and some of their feline friends enjoy nibbling on. It’s also used by some pet food brands to bulk up their cat food. But is it really safe for cats? Today we’ll answer the question of “can cats eat sweetcorn?” and delve into whether this vegetable should really be on the kitty-cat menu.

Can Cats Eat Sweetcorn? Unpacking the Feline Diet.

Sweetcorn is non-toxic for cats so it is a safe vegetable for your kitty-cat to munch on. However, although gulping down a few sweetcorn kennels isn’t going to cause any danger to your cat, it’s not going to provide them with much nutritional benefit either so shouldn’t make up a large portion of their diet.

Unlike hoomans and doggies, cats are obligate carnivores meaning they need a diet high in animal meat to maintain their overall health. Cats can’t absorb many of the nutrients contained in plants, nor can they digest or synthesize plant-based proteins into the amino acids their bodies need.

Carbohydrates such as vegetables and grains, should make up only 10-15% of a kitty-cat’s diet with the rest being made up of protein and fats from animal meat. 

How Much Sweetcorn Can Cats Eat?

Now that we know the answer to “can cats eat sweetcorn?”, is yes but in moderation, how much sweetcorn is healthy for your cat to eat?

As sweetcorn isn’t going to add much to your cat’s diet in terms of nutritional content, you should think of it as a treat for your floof. The PDSA recommends that treats should only make up a maximum of 10-15% of your cat’s daily caloric intake to ensure that your cat is still getting all the nutrients they need from their main source of cat food. 

Each cat’s daily calorie goals will be slightly different depending on their size and activity levels however for an average 4kg indoor moggie, a daily caloric intake will be around 190 calories. This means that no more than 28.5 calories should come from treats which is just under 35g of sweetcorn.

The Risks of Feeding Too Much Sweetcorn to Your Cat

Feeding a little bit of sweetcorn to your cat isn’t going to do much harm and can in fact be a yummy and healthy treat, however, you should only give your cat corn in moderation. Too much sweetcorn poses risks to your cat, mainly as it doesn’t provide your cat with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Here are some of the risks of feeding too much sweetcorn to your floof:

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies: As cats are obligate carnivores they need a diet high in animal meat to provide them with the nutrients they need to maintain their health. Taurine is a special amino acid found in animal meat that helps maintain the health of your cat’s heart, eyes and digestive system. It’s so impawtent that the FEDIAF mandates cat food brands to have essential levels of taurine in their recipes. Corn does not contain taurine, so a cat diet with high levels of this vegetable may run the risk of your kitty developing nasty health complications including blindness and heart failure.
  2. Tummy Upsets and Allergies: Carbs are difficult for cats to digest, so diets heavy in carbohydrates such as corn can cause unhappy tums. Corn is also a common allergen amongst pets so some cats may be more sensitive to this veg than others.
  3. Obesity: Corn should be seen as a treat for your cat and should make up less than 15% of their total daily calories. If corn is fed to your cat in excess, it can cause weight gain and obesity which can lead to further health complications including diabetes, pancreatitis and joint problems.
  4. Dental Problems: The carbohydrate content in corn can increase plaque build-up on your cat’s teeth, which if not brushed nightly (which you should be doing) or regularly checked by your vet, can lead to dental disease and even tooth loss.

Can Cats Be Vegan?

We know that cats can safely eat sweetcorn in moderation, but can a cat be vegan? At this point, you will know the answer is a resounding NO. Cats need a diet high in protein and animal meat to keep them healthy and floofy. For all the details check out our blog on Can a Cat Be Vegan?

Can Cats Eat Sweetcorn Cat Food?

Some pet companies add sweetcorn or corn derivatives such as maize, maize gluten or maize flour to bulk up the nutritional content of their pet food. Often this is done as it is a cheap ingredient and can be seen to increase the protein content of the cat food. However, plant-based proteins are poorly digested by cats so you should be wary of these types of cat food. Look out for ingredients such as pea protein, peanut protein or corn gluten meal as these provide little nutritional benefit for our carnivorous friends.

To upskill yourself in how to read a cat food label like a pro, check out our Ultimate Guide To Cat Food.

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