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No one likes being a copy cat, so this year we know you want to get your furry feline a gift like no other. We’ve prowled the internet for the best Cat Christmas Presents from small and independent companies, that will show your cat just how much you wuv them. No cuddles needed! We've even sneaked in a few gift ideas for you too. From scratcher posts to a cat advent calendar we’ve got all bases covered to suit all budgets, so have your notepad at the ready and get shopping.

scrumbles advent calendar

Cat Advent Calendar – £6

Right, so you'll probably want to get this as a pre-Christmas gift, but it still counts! We think every kitty deserves an Advent Calendar to help them get into the Christmas spirit. Ours contains 2 guilt-free and gut-friendly treats including Gnashers Dental Bites and Meaty Chicken Treats. So none of that naff fake choc stuff!


Cheshire & Wain Cat Collar – £55

These collars will have your kitty doing a daily cat walk up and down your street to show it off. Available in plenty of other colours and styles too, to make it the purrfect cat Christmas present!


Catapilla Cat Scratcher– £23

Aside from minimising damage to your furniture, these scratch posts will also make a pretty addition to your interior. Made from the finest South American sisal rope, that's also easy to replace if your kitty's got claws!


Noggins and Binkles – £20

As a kitty owner we know you love all animals great and small! That's why Noggins and Binkles have designed their range of cat collars to not use any animal by-products, using vegan cork 'leathers' and organic cotton fabrics instead. Pretty nifty hey!


Cat T-Shirt (for you) – £20

Have a cat? Get the T-Shirt. Available in white and green, these kitty T-shirts will be the thing of envy amongst your mates. They're also made with 100% organic cotton and watercolour based inks to tread lightly on our planet.


Hiro & Wolf Bow Tie – £12

There's officially nothing cuter than your cat wearing a little bow tie, so these will be a gift you can both enjoy. They come in a variety of funky patterns and colours to suit the most unique of kitty's.


Pets and Pods Cat House – from £75

Is your kitty looking to become a new homeowner? Then one of these cat houses will do just the trick. Handmade in Kent, they're as high quality as they come, using eco and recycled materials where possible too. P.S have you noticed the word homeowner has. the word 'meow' in - have fun saying that normally ever again :)


Reusable Cat Cup – £26

Okay so these might not be a cat Christmas present but one for you, their hooman, but how cute are these little cat-print cups? Designed for your morning coffee or cold drink in the summer, with a push-button, spill-proof lid. No scenes from Devil Wears Prada here!


Freak Meowt Cracker Catnip Toy– £5.50

New for 2021 these adorable little toys come in a decorative cracker-shaped box. Handmade in Wales from cotton, and stuffed with the purest Canadian Catnip around for your kitty's pleasure. P.S don't leave these under the X-Mas tree unless you'd like it opened prematurely!


Cat Treats– £1.99

Guilt-free and tasty cat treats don't exis... Oh wait, they do! These cat treats are made with all-natural ingredients, and packed with tasty British Free Run Chicken. Designed not only to be tasty but healthy too, they also contain gut-friendly slippery elm and no nasties like added sugars or salts.


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