2 Easy Way To Prevent Cat Dental Disease

 Did you know that dental disease is the number one problem affecting our furry felines? With a whopping 80% of cats suffering silently from the often severely painful condition every year. Luckily it's easy to prevent ourselves, simply by brushing those teethies daily and rewarding with a healthy cat dental treat. This #dentalmonth you can give our Gnashers Dental Bites a try with 20% off, no code required.

cat dental treats

80% of cats suffer from dental disease

Otherwise known as periodontal disease, the condition is caused when food debris and bacteria isn't brushed away. Over time this builds up, forming a hard substance called tartar, which can't be removed from brushing alone.

As tartar extends into the gums it  can cause irritation and inflammation, or gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. Other symptoms include bleeding gums, brown or yellow teeth, halitosis, excessive drooling, loss of appetite, self-isolation, and missing teeth.

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getting to the root of the issue

If you manage to catch gingivitis in its early stages, your vet may call your kitty in for a professional teeth clean. This not only costs a rather eye-watering £250 to £400, but requires your cat to go under general anaesthetic, of which sadly 2% of kitty's pass away during.

If not identified, not only can dental disease be extremely painful and reduce our cat's quality of life, but it can even reduce their lifespan, as its impact can extend well beyond just the mouth. For example if bacteria manages to mine its way into your cat's blood steam, it can infect major organs causing heart, liver and kidney issues.

two easy ways to prevent it (yourself!)

The good news is that dental disease is one of the easiest conditions to prevent ourselves. All you need to do is spend 1-2 minutes a day brushing your cat's teeth, rewarding their co-operation with a healthy cat dental treat, like our tantalising Gnashers Dental Bites.

Don't forget to use a pet-specific toothbrush and toothpaste, or check out our dog teeth cleaning guide for more tips.

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Our Gnashers Cat dental Bites, rated 4.5 out of 5 on Feefo, pack a punch when it comes to combatting plaque. Carefully formulated with an active ingredient clinically proven to reduce plaque by up to 80%, crunchy texture to help rub it off, and 50% British chicken to ensure they're irresistibly YUM! 


Who are they for? Any kitty 8 wks+

Do they contain grain? Nope, these are a naturally grain free cat treat

How big are they? Each heart-shaped treat is roughly 1.5cm in height

Are they easy on tums? Yes! We add the prebiotic slippery elm and pack them with 50% British chicken to be easily digestible for your obligate carnivore

What do others say? Our dental bites are rated 4.5/5 on Reviews.Io with Lucy commenting "Misha loves these treats! Also had a recent visit to the vet and she commented on how good his teeth look! I’m combining the treats with teeth brushing but feel they definitely do help!"


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