Cat Friendly Pancakes Recipe

This Pancake Day you might be wondering "can cats eat pancakes?". If you're talking about the hooman kind, the answer is a firm no. However, we don't want our kitties missing out on the fun, so we've created this cat friendly pancake recipe so you can both enjoy a tasty treat on the flipping-filled day.

You'll be glad to hear they take less than two minutes to make, and don't require any cooking = minimal washing up!

We'd recommend serving your cat these for their breakfast, however if you opt for a different time, don't forget to reduce their main meals accordingly (as really this is a meal in itself).

Cat Friendly Pancakes Tutorial

Cat Friendly Pancakes Recipes Ingredients


Step one: Open the pot of wet food and tip into a bowl

Step two: Using a fork, break up the wet food

Step three: Sprinkle in a couple of their favourite treats, and give the mixture another mix

Step four: Spoon the mixture into a round shaped mould on a plate, to resemble a pancake

Steph five: Remove the mould and sprinkle a few extra treats over the top. Now your treato-chipped cat friendly pancakes are ready to serve!

P.S You can keep this mixture in the fridge for 2-3 days covered, or freeze it for a special treat at a later date.

We'd love to see all your creations, so don't forget to tag us in any pics on Instagram @scrumbles or Facebook @scrumblesuk.

Looking for the pawfect cat treats?

If you're on the prowl for cat treats to use as a topping or in the recipe, don't forget to check out our range of gut-friendly cat treats. The majority of our treats are made in the UK, packed with tasty and healthy ingredients, and served in 100% compostable bags. Our recommendation would be our Gnashers Cat Dental Treats, which are both tasty and beneficial for your kitties teethies. They're also the purrfect shape for using as treato-chips. Or check our our other complete recipes like our dry fish cat food or chicken wet cat food.

Kitten eating dental treats

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