Chartreux Cat Breed Guide

Mellow | Lazy | Bestie. Bonjour cat lovers. Today we’ll be diving into the adorable world of the French Chartreux cat. Commonly mistaken for British Shorthairs due to their cuddly appearance and greyish blue coat, these kitties are entirely their own and have impressively kept their affectionate purrsonalities despite living through some tough times in the 17th century. So whether you’ve recently added one of these floofs to your fur fam, you’re looking to, or you’re just wanting to learn more about this intriguing cat, this guide is fur you!  

Chartreux cat eyes


Average Lifespan: 10 – 16 years

Average Weight: 3 – 7.5kg

Coat Length: Short

Colouring: Greyish blue

Shedding: Moderate


The Chartreux cat has been around since at least the 1700s and was likely imported from modern-day Syria through ancient trading routes. The origins of this adorable kitty’s name are thought to have come from a 

Chartreux cats were kept by monks of the time as well as commoners, adored for their hunting prowess which would keep homes vermin-free, and reduce the spread of disease. However, during the 1700s in France, times were tough with famine and poverty running rife through the country. This sadly put a target on the backs of Chartreux cats, who were often hunted for their warm luxurious fur as well as their meat. Chartreux cat numbers dwindled and they were close to extinction by the 20th century, however, numbers slowly started to grow with the help of dedicated breeders who based their program on 18th century descriptions of these cats, producing the modern-day Chartreux cat who has changed very little in appearance over the past three hundred years.


Chartreux cats are muscular, remnants of their hunting days of old, and can be as heavy as 9kg. They have a striking greyish-blue coat that resembles a luxurious Spanish wool called “la piles des Chartreux” which is thought to be what they first got their name from. It is dense and woolly and has a thick undercoat that heavily sheds twice per year at the changing of seasons. During this time they will need more regular brushing than the standard once per week to maintain it to purrfection.

These cats are often mistaken for British shorthairs with their similar build and coat colour, however, Chartreux cats have more of an angled face than the chubby-cheeked British shorthair. 

The teddy bear British shorthair also has more of an upturned cheeky grin, whereas the Chartreux has a placid look that matches its chilled-out purrsonality. 

Chartreux cat lying down


With origins as working cats and scary days spent evading hunters who were after their luscious locks, you’d expect the Chartreux cat to be full of energy. Although these kitties do enjoy small bouts of playtime, the rest of the day they love nothing more than slothing out on the couch cuddling up with their hooman. 

They make great family pets and get along well with children, however, tend to choose one lucky hooman from their family as their bestie to form the strongest bond with. They’re highly intelligent and adaptable, thriving both in larger homes as hybrid indoor-outdoor cats, as well as solely indoor cats in smaller apartments. 

Due to their chilled-out nature, they make pawesome companions for elderly pawrents and are known to be excellent travellers, patiently waiting on their owner’s lap whilst driving or flying to their next destination.


Fortunately, Chartreux cats haven’t held onto a grudge from days of old spent hiding from scary hoomans. These kitties are affectionate and family-orientated and meld well with furmilies of all shapes and sizes. They love cuddles and enjoy being handled, purrfect for families with enthusiastic young children who want nothing more than to pick up and play with their fur brother or sister.


Chartreux cats are generally very healthy, with no known genetic predisposition to adverse health conditions. However, these kitties are known for their sloth-like behaviour and are commonly couch potatoes. Therefore if their pawrent isn’t feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet that fits their low-energy needs, they are prone to stacking on the pounds and developing obesity which comes with it a whole string of health complications including diabetes, bladder issues, heart disease, liver disease, and painful arthritis .

The easiest way to ensure your Chartreux cat is eating the correct diet for their lifestyle is by choosing a trusted pet food brand that specifically labels their meals as “complete”. This will mean that the food can be fed to your cat day in and day out, providing them with the ideal blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy. Every complete food in the UK also must have feeding guidelines to help you feed your cat the purrfect amount, so it’s best to start with this and adjust as needed as you closely monitor your cat’s size using a cat weight chart.


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