Cool Cat Names for your Kitty

Published: 27/01/2022

However you perceive the meaning of cool, it's a definitive fact that ALL cats are cool. Not only do they possess such charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to put the whole cast of Ru Paul to shame, but us mere humans often strive to be like them too.


Models want to walk like them (cat walk). Make up artists want their eyes to look like theirs (cat eyes). And one final fact, the French even named caterpillars after them, believing they looked like hairy cats - "chatepelose". (Okay, so maybe that last one isn't so cool, but it is interesting.) On top of these, we also describe our cool friends as being "cool cats", and back in the day "hepcat" essentially meant a hipster.

Therefore if you're welcoming a kitty into your home, as well as making sure cat food is in abundance (!), it's essential to equip them with a cool cat name to match their personality and aesthetic.

To provide you with some inspiration, we've prowled through our database to find the coolest cat names ever. 

Top 40 Cool Male Cat Names

If you're bringing home a little boy, check out these supaw cool boy cat names.

Milo Frankie Ginger Monty
Loki Scampi Desmond Figaro
Mayonnaise Harley Kobe Make
Oscar Gizmo Nacho Marmite
Niko Cosimo Egbert Keanu
Cody Prince Tommy Smokey
Scrumble Calvin Oscar Kuro
Dash Toulouse Elvis Ezra
Roddy Atticus Marley Xavier
Keith Nugget Hank Archie

Top 40 Cool Female Cat Names

For feminine felines, here's our selection of the best girl cat names.

Hela Beau Starbuck Miley
Anya Mia Evie Uzo
Minnie Shadow Daffy Dakota
Maiya Storm Sheila Meryl
Poppy Cherry Meredith Kleo
Ivy Boo Suki Luna
Cosima Smudge Venus Kiki
Pixie Fayce Nala Amaretto
Katniss Tilly Lilo Mocha
Bella Maui Opurrah Ava

Cool Cat Names For Kitty Couples

If you're so lucky as to be welcoming two kittens or cats into your life, nothing's cooler than naming them as a duo. They are going to be best friends after all!

Here are some of our favourite combinations.

    • Salt and pepper
    • Batman and Robin
    • Ben and Jerry
    • Bart and Lisa
    • Minnie and Mickey
    • Kim and Kourtney
    • Posh and Becks
    • Lilo and Stitch
    • Ali and Baba
    • Pip and Squeak

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