How Many Pouches Should I Feed My Cat?

Are you staring at your feline friend, pondering the age-old question: "How many pouches should I feed my cat?" Welcome to the realm of cat-owning confusion! Cats have a way of making us question everything, especially when it comes to their insatiable appetites. But fear not, fellow cat enthusiasts, for we're here to shed light on this culinary conundrum in a way that's as educational as it is entertaining. Welcome to the purr-fect guide on feeding your whiskered wonder! 

Decoding the Enigma of Feline Appetites 

Before diving into world of pouch counting, let's first decipher the mystery behind your cat's appetite. You see, our feline companions have an uncanny ability to transform from graceful loungers to food-crazed maniacs at the mere sound of a can opener. They’re at the bottom of your feet meowing before you can even say “dinner time”! 

The Pouch Predicament 

Now that we've established that your cat's appetite is a mystery inside an enigma, let's talk pouches. Those glorious packets of cat cuisine that seem to vanish faster than a magician's rabbit. The recommended number of pouches can vary widely based on factors such as your cat's age, weight, activity level, and dietary needs. Remember every kitty is unique and so is their dietary needs.  

How many pouches should I feed my cat?

The Art of Portion Control (Or Lack Thereof) 

Imagine if cats were in charge of portion control for humans. Every meal would be an endless buffet with a side of "I refuse to eat that!" Ah, the irony. However, as responsible cat parents, it's our duty to decipher the optimal portion size for our feline companions. The general guideline is to feed an adult cat 2-4 pouches per day, divided into two meals. Kittens, on the other paw, need a bit more fuel for their growing engines, so aim for around 3-4 pouches a day, but consult your vet to fine-tune this. But remember this all depends on the age, size and how active your kitty is. 

Calculating Cat Calories 

Now, let's delve into the world of calorie counting for cats. You'd think we were preparing for a feline Olympic event the way we talk about it! Cat food labels often provide caloric information per pouch, which can be your beacon of hope in this maze of portion management. Keep an eye on the label and follow the recommendations for your cat's specific life stage. 

The Sneaky Snackers 

Oh, the thrill of having a cat who's secretly training for an eating contest! Some cats possess an extraordinary ability to charm their way into multiple meals a day. But remember, just because Fluffy bats her lashes and purrs like a diesel engine doesn't mean she needs extra pouches. Trust us, it's all part of their elaborate master plan to conquer the world—one pouch at a time. If your kitty tried their luck at getting a taste of human food, make sure you are not treating them to a salty or sugary treat and always check that it’s safe for cat consumption! Try some of our gnashers instead.

Cat Food Pouches

The Weighty Issue 

Let's tackle the sensitive topic of kitty weight gain. If your cat seems to be transforming from lithe feline to cuddly couch potato, it might be time to reassess the pouch situation. Consult your veterinarian for advice on portion control and alternative meal options that could help your furball shed those extra ounces. After all, nobody wants a cat who can barely fit through the cat flap.

Terrific Tins: 

We’ve come up with a solution to the recycling pouches. Tins have come out on top and that’s why our wet cat foods are now in 100% recyclable packaging. Our tummy-loving recipes are now, even more, planet loving. Free from grain and nasties like sugar and salt we are the perfect choice to keep your kitty thriving! 


As we wrap up our journey through the world of pouches, remember that the key to your cat's heart is a balance of love, care, and culinary expertise. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the question "How many pouches should I feed my cat?"—you've got this! Use the guidelines, consult your vet, and keep an eye on your cat's reaction to meals. After all, a well-fed cat is a happy cat, and a happy cat leads to a blissful coexistence between humans and their four-legged overlords. 

So, dear cat lover, embrace the pouch-counting adventure with open arms and a determined spirit. Because the journey of deciphering your cat's culinary desires is an ongoing saga—one that's as entertaining as watching a cat chase a laser pointer. And in the end, no matter how many pouches you count, the bond you share with your feline friend is what truly matters. Happy feeding and may your cat food always be plentiful and your cuddles everlastingly cozy! 


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