Korat Cat Breed Guide

Happy | Lucky | Blue. Bluey-grey cats are adored across the world due to their striking coat colour. The Russians have their Russian Blue, we have our blue British Shorthair, and the French have their Chartreux, but today we’ll be talking about the lucky blue cat from Thailand, the Korat cat. Read on to discover why these cats are fabled to bring luck and happiness to their pawrents.

Korat cat in the garden


Average Lifespan: 11 - 15 years

Average Weight:  5 - 6.5kg

Coat Length: Short

Colouring: Grey/Blue

Shedding: Low


Like many of Thailand’s endemic cats, the Korat cat’s origins lie somewhere between the 13th and 18th centuries. We know this due to the illustrations within the Tamra Maew, an ancient book of cat pictures and poems that likely served as a breed guide and detailed 23 different breeds of cats. 

17 of those breeds were thought to bring good luck and the other six bad luck. Fortunately for owners of the Korat cat, this floof was on the good end of the luck spectrum and to this day these guys are given in pairs to lucky brides to bestow good fortune on their marriages. 

In 1959 these symbols of luck arrived in the States, and in 1972 they made their way to the UK, gaining recognition by the GCCF two years later.


The beautifully blue Korat cat has kept its stunning looks the same ever since it was first written about all those years ago in the Tamra Maew. They were described poetically as having hair “the colour of a cloud”, and eyes “like dew when dropped on the leaf of a lotus”. This is true to this day as each Korat cat sports a stunning blue-grey coat and large emerald-green eyes. Their heads are heart-shaped and their tails are generally long and slender, with a select few having a subtle kink which is thought to be an even greater symbol of luck.

Korat Kitten


In the ancient text, Korat cats were fabled to bring happiness to their owners and we’re confident that this is still the case. Korat cats form strong bonds with those that they bestow the most luck on (their pawrents). Though not as demanding as other Thai breeds like the Siamese, the Korat cat will still enjoy spending as much time with their furmily as possible, watching as you prepare dinner, jumping into your suitcase when packing for a trip away, or simply curling up next to you on the sofa for a quiet night in. 

They’re very intelligent and are known to open doors or cupboards particularly if their favourite cat treats are hidden behind one. To curb mischievous behaviour, be sure to stimulate them with plenty of games and toys. Cat food puzzles are a great way to keep them occupied and their minds busy. 


As Korat cats aren’t the only blue breed of cat you might be wondering how to tell if one is truly this lucky breed of floof. Korats are distinguished from the chunkier Chartreux and British Shorthair by their slighter build, heart-shaped heads and large green eyes. Korat cats are similar in stature to the Russian Blue, however they have rounded ears whereas the Russians are much more pointy. 

Korat cat in the grass


Korat cats are exceptionally healthy kitties and have been known to live long into their late teens and even early twenties. If you want to keep your Korat cat kicking long into their nine lives you need to be feeding them a diet high in animal meat to sustain their energy needs, keep their minds ticking and maintain their general health. 

Cats need a purrfect blend of 41 essential nutrients to keep them in optimal health, so choosing a balanced and complete recipe that’s formulated to FEDIAF guidelines is paramount for keeping these floofs in divine condition. From there, whether it’s a wet cat food or dry cat food, or a mixture of the two is up to your feline bestie’s purrsonal preference. 


Scrumbles cat food

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    3. FEDIAF-Approved Complete Recipes - All of our recipes are FEDIAF-approved. Our wet cat food and dry cat food recipes are also nutritionally balanced and complete to provide your Korat cat with the 41 essential nutrients they need to be healthy. 
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    5. Delicious - Last but certainly not least, all of our recipes score 100% on palatability testing meaning even the most fussy of Korat cats will be licking their bowls clean!

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