RagaMuffin Cat Breed Guide

Lovable | Cuddly | Muffins. You may be wondering why the “M” in RagaMuffin is capitalised. That’s because early breeders of this darling floof wanted to emphasise that these guys are huge cuddly muffins! Unfortunately, they’re pretty rare in the UK but there are a few breeders around the country if you want to add one of the cuddliest of all cat breeds to your furmily. Read on and join us as we delve into the huggable world of the RagaMuffin. 

Long haired Ragamuffin cat in the snow


Average Lifespan: 12 - 18 years

Average Weight: 3.5 - 9kg 

Coat Length: Long

Colouring: All colours and combinations

Shedding: High


After the widely popular and lovable Ragdoll cat was developed in the 1960s, breeders wanted to add more genetic diversity to this kitty and add some new coat colours into the mix. Breeders outcrossed these fluff balls with other large longhaired breeds like Persians, Himalayans and domestic longhairs. The result was a huge silky-haired floof that early breeders jokingly called RagaMuffins, paying homage to their Ragdoll roots as well as nodding to their temperament as big cuddly muffins. Fortunately for us, this cute name stuck!

Raggamuffin cat with blue eyes and white and brown fur


Whilst they’re late bloomers, reaching maturity at around 4 years of age, by this point they sure are huge. Some weigh as much as 9kg and with a thick silky coat, you can see why they’re known as huggable muffins. Unlike Ragdolls which have a pointed colouration, RagaMuffins come in all colours and combinations meaning there’s a Muffin for every hooman (even those that are gluten intolerant). 


RagaMuffin cats live up to their name as cuddly muffins. They thrive on affection and cuddles and are extremely tolerant, purrfect for young families that want an easygoing fur baby. RagaMuffins are huge goofballs and often go limp when you pick them up or roll onto their backs when you go in for a tickle to expose their tummies for more rubbing. Whilst they’re certainly not winning any athletic competitions, RagaMuffin cats still enjoy playtime with mouse toys, small balls and feather wands but often require encouragement to get off their butts and do a little exercise. 


Unlike Ragdolls, RagaMuffins remain rare in the UK. There are seven breeders in the country that are registered with the UK RagaMuffin Cat Society that you can contact if you’re interested in adopting one of these cuddly cats. Remember to always ensure that your breeder is registered with the GCCF and that they can provide health assessments.

Sleepy Ragamuffin kitten with white fur


All RagaMuffins that have been imported to the UK by GCCF breeders have been tested for heritable diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and pyruvate kinase deficiency. Therefore British RagaMuffins are not linked to any genetic health conditions and tend to live long floofy lives. 

Nevertheless, as their pawrent, you’re responsible for their general health which starts with proper cat nutrition. Always feed your RagaMuffin a nutritionally dense diet that is high in animal meat to keep them fighting fit. They also need a purrfect balance of 41 essential nutrients to keep them purring. 

As RagaMuffins are prone to being couch potatoes, they will need to be coaxed into exercising at least 30 minutes per day and their weight should be monitored using a cat weight chart to prevent obesity which can cause debilitating diabetes if left unchecked. 


Cat with Scrumbles chicken dry cat food

RagaMuffins love food so it’s usually not much of a chore to find something that they’ll lick their lips for. However, Scrumbles is the number one choice for RagaMuffin cats because:

  1. Nutritionally Dense Meaty Recipes: Our complete dry cat food and wet cat food recipes contain the purrfect blend of essential vitamins and nutrients that cats need to be fed each day. We use at least 60% responsibly sourced human-grade poultry or fish to satiate our carnivorous fur babies and never add unnecessary plant proteins that cats find difficult to digest.
  2. We’re All About Gut Health: Our probiotic dry cat food contains over 1 billion probiotics per kg to aid digestion, support immune function and promote pretty poops for a less pongy kitty litter. Our prebiotic wet cat food contains slippery elm bark which strengthens the gut and lubricates the lining of your fur baby’s digestive tract to help them eliminate nasty fur balls that are common in longhaired breeds. 
  3. We Leave Out Unnecessary Fluff: You’ll never see any common allergens in our recipes or unnecessary added sugar, salt or artificial additives and preservatives. Just all-natural ingredients to keep your RagaMuffin glowing from the inside out. 
  4. RagaMuffin Approved: Even the fussiest RagaMuffins love the taste of our meaty recipes, just read the thousands of pawsitive reviews from content RagaMuffins licking their lips. 
  5. Planet Pawsitive: We’ve only got one planet and feeding your cat well shouldn’t negatively impact it. That’s why we use eco-friendly packaging, source all of our meat ethically, and are proud to be the second pet food brand in the WORLD to be certified B-Corp. We also pledge 1% of our sales to environmental causes meaning supporting your cat’s nutrition is also supporting your planet.

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