Singapura Cat Breed Guide

Loving | Enchanting | Small. The Singapura cat is a wee cat that enchants all that meets them. Rumour has it they’ve even been known to sway dog people to the other team. Let’s delve into the bewitching world of the Singapura cat with this comprehensive Singapura cat breed guide. 


Average Lifespan: 10 - 15 years 

Average Weight: 2-3kg 

Coat Length: Short

Colouring: Ivory with sable-brown ticks 

Shedding: Low

Singapura cat looking at the camera


Many cat breeds are named after places that they’ve never even been to let alone originate from - take the Bombay, Balinese and Himalayan for example. However, the Singapura really does as the name suggests originate from Singapore which makes its origin story quite simple! They’re a national treasure in Singapore and have been prowling the wilds of this country for centuries. However, it wasn’t until 1975 that an American couple imported five of these cuties to the States to begin a structured breeding program. In 1989, Singapura cats finally made their way to the UK where they’ve grown in popularity amongst households and as show cats. 


Singapura cats are the smallest cat breed in the world. They have itty bitty bodies, with large ears and dinner-plate eyes that come in one colour - celadon green. They have a coat that is ticked with a light brown colour on top of an ivory background which gives them a shimmering appearance. As they are the original tabby cats from Singapore, they also share the classic tabby “M” marking on their forehead. 

Singapura cat with big eyes


For what they lack in stature, they most certainly make up for in purrsonality. Singapura cats are exceptionally sweet-natured and outgoing. They’re not shy and will make friends with any fortunate hooman that walks through the front door, often taking up residency on their laps as soon as their bottoms hit the sofa. 

Singapura cats are highly affectionate and people-orientated. They love to be up in everyone’s business and conversations, surveying the area from up high or even atop one of their pawrent’s shoulders. 

From their origins in humid Singapore, these cats love the warmth and make great indoor cats if properly stimulated with plenty of toys and games. As they are highly sociable, they don’t do well left on their lonesome for long periods so if you don’t work from home, consider adopting another floof to keep them company and out of trouble. 

Singapura cat in the trees


Singapura cats are exceptionally friendly. They don’t have a shy bone in their small bodies and enchant anyone who has the pleasure of meeting them. Even dog people have been known to switch teams after they meet a Singapura cat. 


Progressive Retinal Atrophy, an inherited eye condition that can cause blindness has been linked to some Singapura cats. Another condition that causes anaemia known as Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency has also been found in some Singapura cats. There are no known cures for these diseases however most cats with these conditions can live happy lives particularly if you feed them a nutritious diet and ensure that their lives are enriched with cat exercise, playtime and lots of love.

As far as nutrition goes, cats need a diet high in animal meat to provide them with the essential nutrients they need to maintain their health. Animal meat is also high in iron which is essential for preventing iron-deficiency anaemia in cats and important for Singapura’s. 

Fish cat food such as salmon cat food contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E which help to maintain the health of your Singapura cat’s eyes as well as keeping their coat silky smooth. 


Cat with Scrumbles food

Up to 77% Animal Meat - We load our recipes with high-quality human-grade fish and poultry to provide Singapura cats with all of the essential nutrients they need to be eating to maintain the health of their organs and keep their muscles and bones strong.

Recipes For Eye Health - Check out our range of fishy cat food like our Chicken and Salmon Dry Cat Food. Loaded with plenty of Omega 3’s, Zinc and Vitamin E, they’re the purrfect choice for Singapura cats who are prone to eye diseases.

Gut Health - To glow on the outside, our cats also have to shine on the inside and this starts with gut health. That’s why we add probiotics to our dry cat food recipes and prebiotics to our wet cat food, to improve digestive health and strengthen the gut microbiome. This will lead to less tummy upsets, less stinky farts and more pretty poops!

Hypoallergenic - We avoid common allergens like dairy, gluten, soy, and egg which can upset the stomachs of Singapura cats.

Natural Recipes Designed by Nutritionists – Our recipes only use natural ingredients and are formulated to FEDIAF standards giving you piece of mind that you’re doing everything you can for your Singapura cat in terms of nutrition. 

Delicious - Most impawtently for our fur babies, our recipes score 100% on palatability testing meaning even the fussiest of Singapura cats will be in lurve with our scrummy cat food.

Eco-Friendly - We use eco-friendly packaging we’re B-Corp certified. 1% of sales go to environmental causes and we reduce our carbon pawprint by sourcing our poultry locally from British farms. 

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