Sokoke Cat Breed Guide

Rare | Camouflaged | Energetic. Sharpen your claws as we embark on a journey into the elusive world of the Sokoke cat. They’re the rarest breed of floof in the world and have a coat that camouflages them into the wilds of the Kenyan rainforest. These kitties aren’t short on energy levels and make excellent playmates to those lucky pawrents that get to own one of these unique cuties. 

Sokoke kitten meowing


Average Lifespan: 12 - 20 years 

Average Weight: 2.5 - 5 kg 

Coat Length: Short 

Colouring: Brown tabby

Shedding: Low


The Sokoke cat is a naturally occurring kitty native to the Aruboko Sokoke rainforest in Eastern Kenya. In 1978, a horse breeder called Jeni Slater discovered a litter of Sokoke kittens on her coconut plantation which bordered the Aruboko Sokoke rainforest. She took them in and hand-reared them, unsure if they were domestic cats or a group of wild cats due to their unique appearance. 

As they grew, they kept their wild looks but with an endearing domestic purrsonality and Slater decided to develop a new breed of floof with these cats as the OG’s. She started importing some of her cats to Europe in the late 1980s and by 1993 they were recognised as a breed by FIFe and the same by the GCCF in 2015.


Sokoke cats are called Kadzonzo cats by the native tribes in Kenya which means “looks like tree bark” due to their camouflaged coat appearance. They have a brown tabby coat pattern which is ticked from head to tail meaning each strand of hair has light and dark banding. Their bodies are athletic and have long slender legs and tails with large pointy ears that add to their wild appearance. 


Sokoke cats are little smarty pants and with boundless levels of energy, they’re a floof that needs to be entertained and stimulated regularly. With this, it’s impawtent to enrich their environment with plenty of games, toys, climbing frames and scratching posts to keep their big brains active and limit destructive behaviour from boredom. 

They’re adaptable and do well with young children and other fur babies. Although Sokoke cats have an almost unlimited level of energy, the same can’t be said for their social batteries. These cats are affectionate but only when they want to be and will at times find the quietest spot in the home to recharge their batteries. Therefore if you want a cat that enjoys long spooning sessions, this floof probably isn’t the one for you.


Sokoke cats are the rarest breed of floof in the world. And, with that comes a hefty price tag as some Sokoke cats can cost upwards of £1500. 


As Sokoke cats are a naturally occurring kitty, they are one of the healthiest breeds of floofs and tend to live long and happy lives if fed nutrient-dense cat food. Like their wild African big cat cousins, Sokoke cats are obligate carnivores meaning that they need to eat a diet high in animal meat to thrive. This doesn’t need to be antelope or wildebeest though, poultry or fish will do just fine!

They also need a careful balance of 41 essential nutrients in their food to maintain their energy needs and keep them purring. To ensure your Sokoke cat is getting everything they need from their dinner bowl, choose from a trusted pet food brand (hint Scrumbles) that uses high-quality meat, and natural ingredients, and labels their recipes as complete. This way you’ll know they’ve been formulated to provide all the nutrients your fur baby needs.

Scrumbles cat food range


If you’re lucky enough to own one of these rare kitties, we’re totally jealous and we’re here to help! We provide cat food that is ethical, nutritionally complete, high in delicious animal meat and with added gut-friendly goodness.

Here’s why you and your Sokoke cat will love our gut friendly cat food:

  1. At least 60% Real Meat - We load our recipes with human-grade fish or poultry to provide your Sokoke cat with the essential amino acids their bodies need to keep them full and fuel their active lifestyles.
  2. No Plant Proteins or Artificial Fluff - We name all of our ingredients on our packaging and never group ingredients under the banner of animal or meat derivatives. We also avoid plant proteins which provide little nutritional benefit to cats and avoid nasties like added salt, sugar, fillers and artificial B.S. which are really just fluff when it comes to feline nutrition.
  3. Gut-Friendly - Say bye-bye to stinky farts and tummy upsets and hello to pretty poops! We use powerful prebiotics or probiotics to promote gut health, helping your Sokoke cat glow from the inside out.
  4. Hypoallergenic - Like hoomans, some Sokoke cats have food allergies and others are more sensitive to common allergens. That’s why we avoid ingredients like dairy, soy, egg, and gluten which can upset cat tummies.
  5. Fussy-cat Approved - Even the fussiest Sokoke cats drool over our delectable recipes. They score 100% on palatability testing meaning they’re some of the scrummiest pet foods out! Just read the thousands of five-star reviews from UK cats and their pawrents. 
  6. Climate Conscious - Feeding your cat shouldn’t make you feel guilty. That’s why we use eco-friendly packaging, pledge 1% of our sales to environmental causes and source our ingredients ethically. We’re proud to be B-Corp certified and are committed to promoting both the health of your pet and your planet.

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