Somali Cat Breed Guide

Ancient | Stunning | Foxy. With their stunning good looks and big bushy tail, the Somali cat embodies both meanings of the word foxy. They’re the longhaired cousin of the popular Abyssinian cat and share many of their playful purrsonality traits. So whether you’re looking to add a Somali cat to your squad of fur babies, or just interested in learning more about this drop-dead gorgeous breed, this guide is for you!

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Average Lifespan: 10 - 16 years 

Average Weight: 2.5 - 4.5 kg 

Coat Length: Long 

Colouring: 28 different colours, the most common is the “usual” golden brown

Shedding: Moderate - High


Somali cats are the longhaired versions of the Abyssinian cat, an elegant floof originating in Abyssinia, modern-day Ethiopia. They’ve been around for hundreds, maybe thousands with an ancient Egypyptian kitty-cat bearing resemblance to a Somali called “mistress of the embalming house” depicted in the papyrus of Nespaheran around 900 BC. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s when the Somali cat was purposefully bred in America, recognised by TICA in 1979 and the GCCF in 1991.


Somali cats come in a staggering 28 different colours, however, the “usual” golden brown coat colour is the most popular. Like the Abyssinian their coats are ticked, meaning each piece of fur has bands of light and dark colour which give them a shimmering look. They have a luxurious semi-longhaired coat which makes them stand out as one of the most beautiful cat breeds. Their coat is a sleek single coat so doesn't mat as easily as double-coated floofs making them easier to care for and also keeping them looking hot a.f. at all times. They have tufted ears and tootsies, big fox-like bushy tails and captivating almond eyes that add even more to their already delicious appearance.


The purrsonality of the Somali cat is just as enticing as their good looks. They’re playful and energetic and make excellent playmates for young children. They’re highly intelligent and curious and need to be stimulated with games and interactive toys. Laser pointers and small balls are a great tool to use to help your Somali cat burn off some of their excess energy levels. 

Somali cats are also highly affectionate and people-orientated and enjoy curling up on their owner’s lap after playtime or to enjoy a pamper session. Somalis are known for their love of heights, and their intelligence and athletic skills make them adept escape-artists so be sure to enrich their environment with cat trees, climbing frames and tunnels to keep them happy in the safety of their own home.

Somali cat outdoors

Image from @wash_somalicat on instagram


Some Somali cats around the world have been known to inherit some health problems like Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Fortunately, these diseases have been eradicated from Somali cats bred by those in the GCCF-registered Somali Cat Club. Therefore choose a breeder who is registered with the club to ensure your kitten will be as healthy as pawssible.


Somali cats have no specific feeding requirements and do well with a standard cat diet. This means high in good quality animal meat to satisfy the carnivore within as well as a careful blend of fats, minerals and vitamins. Carbs aren't as important for cats, but a small amount of easy-to-digest carbs like rice can add dietary fibre to help with digestion. 

As they have high energy levels, it’s impawtent that they’re eating the right amount of cat food to support their athletic bouts, and using a feeding calculator and monitoring their weight using a cat weight chart is a great way to do this. 

Some Somali cats are more sensitive than others and benefit from gut friendly cat food with added pre or probiotics. This will reduce tummy upsets and improve digestibility of their food leading to better overall health!


Scrumbles cat food range

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Gut-Friendly - Purrfect health starts in the gut. That’s why we use prebiotics or probiotics to improve the health of your cat’s gut microbiome which is the powerhouse of their digestion, mental health and immune system. Our recipes also reduce smelly farts and stinky poops as an added bonus!

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