Why do cats like boxes?

If I fits I sits. And there is no better place to sits than in a glorious cardboard box. But why do cats like boxes so much? The aroma, the texture, the warmth, there are so many reasons. So spoil your cat by buying something for yourself, completely selfless of course, that comes in a box, and watch them enjoy endless hours of fun.

cat in box

Snug as a bug in a rug

Cats sleep for up to 20 hours a day and they like to sleep peacefully and undisturbed. Enter in a cardboard box... With their high sides, fantastic thermal properties and soothing aroma, a cardboard box keeps your kitty secure and snug and protected from any unwanted attacks.

Speaking of attacks...


Boxes allow our cats to be invisible, stalk their prey (typically our ankles) and launch the perfect attack from. Cats are predators and love to pounce. Anything that moves is fair game whether it be over zealous tootsies under the blanket, an unaware doggy doing their morning stretches or that blasted red dot that is impossible to catch.

If you find your cat attacks you more than you like, it may be that they're not getting enough mental and physical stimulation. You can help by introducing stimulating play sessions with interactive toys and our personal favourite the tower of boxes...

Cats like boxes for many reasons

Boxes are versatile. As well as providing a comfy spot to snooze and perfect place to launch an attack from, your cat can enjoy a good old scratch or chew, and roll around to their hearts content. Whilst we enjoy being chosen for a few minutes each day, our cats very much delight in alone time and a box offers a great place to retreat to for some much needed meow time.

Looking to spoil your cat with the best box?

There are many things you could consider. Should you go for the traditional brown or treat your kitty to some colour? Up the insulation with a triple layer A grade board or single wall? In truth your cat will adore ANY box but it's important to check it's safe and free of any added nasties like staples.


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