Grain Free Turkey Wet Dog Food

For puppies and dogs 3mths+

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Loved by fussy pups, our turkey wet dog food is packed with 70% fresh turkey. A complete recipe with single-source protein and limited ingredients for easy digestion. With cranberries to support a healthy urinary tract and superfood slippery elm for digestive health. We use human grade ingredients, avoid nasties, and add gut-friendly prebiotics. From our furr-fam to yours with love!

Single source wet turkey dog food

Scrumbles wet turkey dog food contains a single source of protein – fresh turkey, sourced locally and gently cooked in the UK. Our limited ingredient and hypoallergenic recipe is perfect for sensitive stomachs, and makes a great wet puppy food too. We only use human-grade, natural ingredients and exclude common allergens. All our ingredients are transparent so you can be sure what goes in and more importantly what doesn’t go in! With the addition of cranberries, this recipe is perfect all year round, but pawfect for Christmas!

Complete Dog Food

This is a nutritionally complete turkey dog food recipe containing everything they need to thrive. Feed it on its own or mix it up with one of our dry foods.

Digestive Health

We put gut health first, adding the prebiotic Slippery Elm and avoiding common allergens like gluten, grain, eggs & dairy making this a naturally hypoallergenic recipe.

High in Protein

Meat is the #1 ingredients in our wet food recipes. With 70% turkey for dogs, providing a plentiful source of proteins and amino acids.

Eco Friendly

We’re a proud B Corp and make conscious decisions to do well by our pets AND the planet. Both the turkey dog food tray & sleeve is fully recyclable.

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Grain free
70% Turkey
Gut friendly recipe
Made in the UK

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