Chinese Shar Pei Breed Guide

Got a soft spot for a dog with a face full of wrinkles? You're in for a treat! The Chinese Shar Pei is a breed that's not only packed with history but also brimming with unique charm. Let's dive into everything you need to know about these lovable pups.

Chinese Shar Pei Basics

Average Lifespan: 9-11 years

Average Weight: 18-30 kg

Average Height: 46-51 cm

Colouring: Black, cream, fawn, red, sable

Trainability: Moderate to difficult

Exercise Needs: Moderate, daily walks and playtime

Shedding: Low, regular grooming is necessary to keep that skin in great shape

Origins of the Chinese Shar Pei

Did you know the Shar Pei has been around for over 2,000 years? These ancient pups originated in southern China, where they were used for hunting and guarding. Their name means "sand skin" in Chinese, referring to their unique rough coat.

Unfortunately, they nearly went extinct in the mid-20th century due to political changes in China, but thanks to some dedicated breeders, the Shar Pei made a comeback and even found their way into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's rarest dog breed in 1978.

shar pei puppy

What Do Chinese Shar Peis Look Like?

Shar Peis are medium-sized with a sturdy build and those famous wrinkles. They’ve got small, triangular ears, a broad muzzle, and a short, bristly coat. Their tail curls over their back, adding to their distinctive look.

The coat can come in various colours, including black, cream, fawn, red, and sable. Despite their tough appearance, those wrinkles can give them a comical and almost clown-like expression.

Chinese Shar Pei Personality

These dogs are loyal to their family and a bit suspicious of strangers – perfect if you need a little extra security. They're independent and can be a bit stubborn, so early socialisation and consistent training are a must. They might act aloof around people they don’t know, but with their family, they can be quite the snuggle bugs.

Are Chinese Shar Peis Good Family Dogs?

Absolutely! If you’ve got older kids who know how to respect a dog’s space, the Shar Pei can be a fantastic family pet. They’re protective and will keep an eye out for any trouble, but always supervise them around younger children just to be safe. With the right socialisation, they can get along well with other pets too.

Do Chinese Shar Peis Have Health Issues?

Yep, like all breeds, they have their quirks. Those iconic wrinkles can lead to skin infections if not cleaned properly. They’re also prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems. Regular vet check-ups and a good diet can help keep these issues at bay. Good hygiene and skin care routines are essential to prevent any nasty surprises.

Chinese Shar Pei Feeding Requirements

Feeding a Shar Pei properly means understanding their unique dietary needs. These dogs benefit from a diet that's rich in high-quality protein to maintain their muscle mass, so look for foods that list meat as the first ingredient. Since Shar Peis can have sensitive stomachs, it's best to avoid foods with common allergens like soy, corn, and wheat.

Incorporate omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to keep their skin and coat health (these can be found in fish oils or flaxseed). Probiotics and prebiotics are also beneficial for their digestive health. Aim for a balanced diet that includes a mix of proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or brown rice. Always ensure they have access to fresh water to keep them hydrated.

Scrumbles, the Pawfect Food for Chinese Shar Peis

When it comes to feeding your Shar Pei, our food is top-notch. Here's why your Shar Pei will be Smitten with Scrumbles:

  • Up to 70% meat or fish: Ensures a protein-rich diet.
  • Added pre or prebiotics: For healthy digestion, pick-up-able poops, and immune support
  • Hypoallergenic: Free from common allergens like gluten, soy, and dairy.
  • Grain-free options: Suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies.
  • Variety of flavours: Including chicken, turkey, duck, and salmon to satisfy even the fussiest eaters.
  • Natural ingredients: We use proper, responsibly sourced ingredients.

Your Shar Pei will not only enjoy their meals but also benefit from a diet designed to keep them healthy and happy. So, why wait? Give Scrumbles a try and see the difference for yourself!

scrumbles dog food range

Is a Chinese Shar Pei Right for You?

Before deciding to bring a Shar Pei into your home, consider their needs and characteristics. They require regular grooming and skin care, and early socialisation and consistent training are essential. Shar Peis are loyal and protective, making them excellent family pets, but you must ensure you have the time and resources to meet their exercise and health needs.

If you're ready for a loyal, loving, and wrinkly companion, the Chinese Shar Pei could be the perfect addition to your family. With the right care and attention, your Shar Pei will thrive and bring endless joy to your home.

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