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You're no ordinary pet parent, you're the coolest dog damn pet parent out there, so this year we know you want to get the best gift for your deserving pooch. We've scoured high and low to find the ultimutt Dog Christmas Presents from small and independent companies, that will show your four-legged friend just how much you wuv them. Plus hopefully keep them distracted whilst you roast your turkey. From squeaky toys to a dog advent calendar we've got all bases covered to suit all budgets, so have your notepad at the ready and get shopping.


Dog Advent Calendar - £6

dog advent calendar

Ok, so technically this is a pre-Christmas gift, but every pooch deserves an Advent Calendar to get them in the Christmas spirit. This one contains 3 different guilt-free and gut-friendly treats; Mini Dental Bones, 100% Chicken Treats and Calming Nibbles.

Barc London Squeaker Toy Set - £39

Containing 5 squeaker toys in funky colourful shapes, this bundle of fun will have your pooch playing all Christmas Day long. That is if you can cope with the squeaking.


Woof & Brew Dog Wine - £6.99

If you're like us then it's likely your two favourite things are fur babies and Friyay drankss. Fortunately Woof & Brew have designed some doggy drinks so they don't miss out on the fun. This pack contains their Creek White and Barker Bay Rose, with herbal notes and light floral finish. 0 hangovers guaranteed!


The Dandy Dog Treat Jar - £22.50

These gorgeous jars are hand made in the UK by Artisan Potters. Pawfect for keeping your pooches favourite treats in to keep them fresh for longer.


Ralph & Co. Dog Bed - From £55

For pooches who's favourite activity is napping, a new dog bed would make the perfect dog Christmas present. And this one's as good as it gets, with extra padding and top quality fabric to ensure as comfy as can be.


Calming Turkey Dog Treats - £2.99

Christmas & New Years can be a scary time for some pups with all the extra noise, commotion and even fireworks. So if your pup is a little shy, these Calming Dog Treats should do the trick. Packed with calming Turkey, Lemon Balm and Chamomile for a tasty and functional Christmasy treat.

WildWash Magic Paw Balm - £14.95

This super conditioning paw treatment is great for soothing paws after cold winter walks. Packed with natural human grade ingredients, so it's completely safe for your pet to lick. This balm is also safe for cats too!


Dogsnug Waterproof Coat - £91

Come rain or shine we know our pooches need their daily walks, so this waterproof coat is perfect for those drizzly winter days. You can even personalise the colours to ensure your pooch is the most stylish in the park!


Pop + Ted Poop Pal - £3.99

Not a fan of carrying your pup's poop bag around on your walk? Introducing your new BFF. These bag carriers can be clipped onto your favourite lead, carrying your poop bag until you reach the nearest bin.



LikiMat - From £5.99

These enriching matts are great for spreading your pup's favourite wet food on. Helping it last a little longer and providing some entertainment along the way too. During warmer months you can even freeze them for a cooling ice pop too.


Project Blu Eleather Dog Collar- £25.00

These collars won't just be a Christmas gift to your pup, but to the planet too. Made using sustainable ELeather and eco-fabric that's been up-cycled from ocean-bound plastics.


Barking Bags Dog Bag- £35.00

Constantly forget your poop bags, travel water bottle or favourite squeaky toy? Sounds like you need one a Barking Bag! With outer pockets for treats and a poo bag dispenser, and inner pockets for all your other essentials it's a must for any day trips or simply for your daily walk. Available in plenty of different colours, but we love this denim design!



Bramley Dog Wash - £8.00

If you come back from your walks with a brown marshland creature attached to your lead every time, a good dog wash will make the perfect gift for your pooch. This one is made with the finest essential oils and natural botanicals for sensitive skin, to gently wash that mud away and leave your pup smelling like a lovely lavender field.



Hiro + Wolf Dog Bow Tie - £15.00

Some pup's like to stand out from the crowd, and these bow ties will help them do just that. With a range of funky patterns and colours to choose from, there's one to suit every pooches fashion taste.



Turkey & Cranberry Wet food - £13.50

We all know it's a sin not to have turkey on Christmas Day, so don't let your pooch miss out and treat them to this turkey and cranberry wet food. Containing only four natural ingredients and the tummy-soothing slippery elm for sensitive dogs.



Kong Dog Toy - From £6

If your dog gobbles their treats down in a nano second, or even swallows them whole, you might want to try one of these Kong toys. Simply stuff the hole with your favourite wet food or treats, then sit back and watch your pooch licking for victory for the rest of Christmas Day.



Mungo & Maud Dog Lead- £84.50

There are dog leads, and then there are *dog leads* and this is certainly the latter. For posh dogs that have the finest taste this lead has got it all. With super cute pink webbing and leather trim to accessorise not only your pooch, but your outfit too!


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