Burmilla Cat Breed Guide

Dazzling | Curious | Affectionate. The Burmilla cat is the purrfect blend of its two parental breeds, the Burmese and Persian and with its striking silver coat they’re a floof that’s captivated the cat world for forty years. So let’s find out everything there is to know about this adorable floof and let you decide whether one of these kitties will be the purrfect next addition to your fur fam. 

Burmilla cat


Average Lifespan: 12 -18 years

Average Weight: 3.5 - 5.5kg 

Coat Length: Short

Colouring: Silver or standard

Shedding: Low


The Burmilla cat was the first of the Asian cat breeds to be developed within the UK. The fairytale story of the Burmilla’s origins goes a little like this:

Once upon a time in 1981, there lived a baroness named Miranda von Kirchberg who owned two adorable little floofs. One was a chinchilla Persian by the name of Jermari Sanquist and the other was a lilac Burmese called Bambino Lilac Ferbage. These two cats were star-crossed lovers and forbidden to be a couple, but their love was strong and they eventually found a way to be together. The result of their secret love affair was a litter of silver kitties which the baroness used to develop the Burmilla breed, and gained GCCF recognition in the 1990s.


Burmilla cats look very similar to their Burmese cousins in type and shape. They have a gently rounded body shape with a medium tapered tail. Their fur is tightly packed and short in length. Whilst most Burmillas are a dazzling silver colour, they can also come in an ivory beige colour that is known as “standard”. All of these floofs have an underlying tabby pattern to them which comes through faintly. Their eyes are large and expressive and amber or green in colour. 


Burmilla cats are the purrfect blend of their parental breeds’ temperaments. They’re family-oriented and highly sociable however aren’t as demanding of their pawrent’s attention as their Burmese cousins. This likely comes from the more laid-back Persian qualities that the Burmilla cat inherits. They still retain some Burmese curiosity though, and with a high intelligence, they’re known to open cupboards especially if there are some delicious cat treats or fun playthings behind the door. Burmilla’s love affection almost as much as playing with feather wands or cat teasers, and often do well at cat shows as they love to lap up as much admiration and praise as they possibly can. 


Due to their easygoing nature and playful disposition, Burmilla cats make great pets. They thrive on affection and cuddles and don’t mind being picked up. This is purrfect for families, particularly those with younger children who will no doubt be eager to handle their dazzling Burmilla. As Burmillas are sociable cats they’re prone to getting stressed or sad if left alone for long periods, so consider adopting a second cat if you’re a busy paw-fessional or using cat calming treats.


Burmilla cats are generally healthy kitties however a health condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease has been reported in the breed. This condition causes fluid-filled cysts to accumulate in the kidneys of cats and can lead to kidney failure. Genetic testing can be used to detect this disease, so if you’re concerned speak to your vet about the available options. 

Burmilla cat in the sun


Although healthy Burmilla cats don’t have any specific feeding requirements, fuelling their bodies with quality nutritious cat food should always be the top priority. As obligate carnivores, they need a diet high in animal meat to provide them with all of the essential amino acids that their bodies can’t synthesise themselves. 

They also need a carefully balanced diet with the purrfect mix of vitamins, minerals, fats and small amounts of carbs. The easiest way to ensure that your Burmilla’s meals are hitting all of these impawtent pillars of nutrition is by sourcing their food from a trusted pet brand (*cough *cough Scrumbles) that specifically labels their meals as “complete”. This can either be in a dry cat food or wet cat food depending on your feline prince or princess’s preference. 


Scrumbles wet and dry cat food

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