German Rex Cat Breed Guide

Playful | Curly | Einsteins. When you think of genetic mutations, you’re probably picturing something from a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie and not a curly-haired cat. Well, today we’re going to shake things up a little and discuss everything there is to know about the German Rex, the wavy-haired mutant of the cat world. We’ll go into everything from their ancestry and purrsonality, to their specific feeding requirements so that you can get up to speed on the kinks and quirks of this adorable little floof.

German Rex kitten grey and white sitting on the bed


Average Lifespan: 10 - 15 years

Average Weight: 3 - 4.5kg 

Coat Length: Short

Colouring:  All colours and combinations.

Shedding: Low


In 1950, the first of the Rex cats, the Cornish Rex strutted its uniquely curly stuff on the streets of Cornwall, UK. This kitty captured the gaze of cat lovers across the UK due to its unique crimped hairstyle. Then, the following year, as if the universe heard Europe’s prayers for their very own curly-haired cat, the first of the German Rex cats was discovered in a post-war Berlin hospital garden. 

This cat shared the crimped coat of the Cornish Rex, something that hadn’t yet been seen in Europe. The little black cat was named Lämmchen, German for “little lamb” due to its striking woolly coat, similar to that of a sheep.

From here, the breed was developed and gained popularity across continental Europe, however, this waned once it was found that German and Cornish Rex cats were genetically compatible. Once this was understood, most breeders opted to strengthen the Cornish Rex breed through interbreeding with German Rex cats rather than solely continuing with the German Rex breed. As such, numbers in German Rex breeders fell to a point where now this kitty is rarely bred in any country. 

Two German Rex kittens


Like the German Rex’s Cornish and Devonian cousins, they have the signature Rex fur type. This is due to a genetic mutation of one of the genes that code for their unique fur and produces a woolly, wiry coat that’s short and soft. The uniqueness doesn’t end here though, as they have huge bat-like ears and large eyes that can come in any colour. They’re small cats but their long, athletic legs make them appear larger than they are.


If you’re one of the lucky few who own a German Rex, you’ll know that their intelligence is matched only by their energy and playfulness. These guys are famous for zoomies around the living room, flaunting big hops, skips and acrobatics when they’re excited. This combination of brains and brawn means that they need to be stimulated throughout the day. This means enriching their lives with plenty of playtime, cat toys, games and puzzles. Without this, their inquisitive minds and mischievous purrsonalities can make them play up, scratching the sides of your lovely new leather couch, or knocking your family heirloom vase off the side table. 


German Rex cats are exceptionally healthy floofs with no known genetic predisposition to particular health issues. Most German Rexs live between 10-15 years, however, some have been known to stretch past the 18-year mark, well on into their nine lives!


To keep your German Rex living happy and healthy into their late teens, make sure you’re feeding them cat food that ticks all the boxes when it comes to complete cat nutrition. This means high levels of protein from animal meat, adequate levels of fats, small amounts of easily digested carbs, and a purrfect balance of vitamins and minerals. 

The best way to do this is by choosing a trusted pet food brand (*cough *cough Scrumbles) for your kitty that specifically labels their food as “complete”. This will mean they’re formulated according to FEDIAF guidelines and that the food can be fed to your cat day in and day out with the confidence that they’ll be eating a purrfectly balanced diet. 

Some pet brands ( know who) go the extra mile by adding gut-friendly goodies to their meals to improve digestive health and have their own climate-friendly pledges so that you don’t have to forego your eco-conscious values for the sake of your furry bestie’s dinners!


Scrumbles cat food range

If you’re looking for nutritionally complete and gut-friendly cat food from a brand that’s committed to pet nutrition as well as being kind to the planet, why not make the switch to Scrumbles Gut Friendly Cat Food?

Here’s why you and your curly German Rex will love our cat food:

  1. High in Delicious Animal Meat - Our recipes are filled with up to 77% human-grade animal meat to keep the bellies of your German Rex full and to provide them with all of the essential nutrients they need to keep up with their acrobatic bouts.
  2. Gut-friendly - We use gut-loving goodies like prebiotics or probiotics and avoid any artificial nasties like added salt, sugar and fillers to be kind to sensitive tums and promote healthy poops. 
  3. Hypoallergenic Ingredients - We don’t use ingredients that cats are commonly allergic to which are surprisingly dairy, soy, gluten and egg. This is purrfect for even the most sensitive German Rex cats.
  4. Designed with Nutritionists and Vet-Approved - All of our recipes are FEDIAF-approved. Our wet cat food and dry cat food are also nutritionally complete so that you can feed your German Rex these delicious recipes day in and day out with the confidence that you're doing everything you can for them at dinner time.
  5. Climate Conscious - We use eco-friendly packaging, are proudly B-Corp certified and have a brand pledge to reduce our carbon pawprint on this Earth.
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