Himalayan Cat Breed Guide

Quiet | Sweet | Floofy. Unlike the mischievous Himalayan cat Jinx from the movie Meet the Parents, this breed of kitty is loved by its owners (and their in-laws) for its kind heart and sweet disposition. In fact, Martha Stewart loves these floofs so much she has three of them! Let’s take a closer look at what makes this floof so fluff-tabulous!

Black and white himilayan cat


Average Lifespan: 9 - 15 years

Average Weight: 3.5 - 5.5kg

Coat Length: Long 

Colouring: Pointed colouration (light body with dark extremities) 

Shedding: High


When you see the name “Himalayan cat” you might be expecting this kitty’s origins to be an exciting one, scaling the tops of Mount Everest, dodging avalanches and trudging through thick snow. However, the ancestry of this floof isn’t as wild and is actually quite simple, a welcome change from most breed ancestries. 

The story starts in 1931 when the first Himalayan cat was bred in the States. This exceptionally floofy individual was named “Newton’s Debutante” and was a cross between a Persian cat and a colour-pointed Siamese. 

4 years later, after British breeders discovered these striking cats in American cat shows, the breed was developed in the UK under the banner of the British longhair breed. These kitties have remained popular ever since due to their cuddly appearance and sweet dispositions.


With piercing blue eyes and long floofy coats, just the sight of a Himalayan cat will leave you desperate for a cuddle. They have similar flat smudgy faces to their Persian cousins and big bushy tails that resemble grandma’s feather duster. They’re distinguished from Persians by their colourpoint coat that is light on their body and dark on their extremities. Their face, paws and tails can be any colour from brown to black, red and cinnamon, so there really is a Himalayan cat for any preference. 

Himilayan cat sleeping


Himalayan cats are known for being chilled af. They’re undemanding of attention and happy curling up in a quiet nook of the house, where the sun can reach them. Himalayans don’t give away their love willy-nilly. They choose who gets to pat their luscious locks, reserving cuddle time for the special few who have gained their absolute trust. However, once you’ve gained this trust, these cats form strong bonds and you will have a furry bestie for life. Although Himalayan cats can exert some sloth-like behaviour, they also have a playful side which will need to be coaxed out of them with plenty of fun toys and cat teasers


Himalayan cats are exceptionally friendly and gentle and enjoy being held. However even the most cuddly of cats need some me time every now and then so if they’re showing signs that now isn’t the time for handling such as trying to run away or expressing some unhappy cat tail language, let them be and try again later.

Himilayan cat


Most Himalayan cats will prefer snuggling up on the couch with a tasty cat treat than going out for a jog, so they are prone to stacking on a few extra pounds. It’s impawtent to keep cats at their ideal weight to prevent obesity which brings with it a whole string of other adverse health conditions. Therefore feeding your Himalayan cat a nutritious cat food that is specially formulated to FEDIAF guidelines and void of any added nasties like salt and sugar, is paramount for keeping your Himalayan floofy not fat. 

Make sure to stick to recommended feeding levels and check in on your cat’s size using a body condition score to keep them in purrfect shape. Also, opt for a cat food with high levels of animal meat to keep your carnivorous Himalayan cat full and to provide them with the 41 essential nutrients they need to thrive. 


Scrumbles cat food

At Scrumbles we’re all about providing optimal nutrition to British cats and looking after their gut at the same time. 

We load our recipes with animal protein. Up to 77% human-grade meat or fish to be exact and leave out any nasties like artificial additives and preservatives, added salt or sugar and common allergens.

But we don’t stop there! We add either gut-loving prebiotics or probiotics to our dry cat food and wet cat food to improve digestibility and soothe sensitive stomachs, making Scrumbles the number one choice for kitties with sensitive tums.

Our recipes are developed by nutritionists and approved by vets to ensure your Himalayan cat is eating the purrfect blend of protein, minerals, vitamins, fats and carbs to keep them happy and thriving.

We also strive to be as kind to the planet as we are to the tummies of British cats by using eco-friendly packaging and sourcing our meat ethically. We’re also super proud to be the second EVER pet food brand to be certified B-Corp with a personal commitment to reducing our carbon pawprint on this Earth.

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out the nearly 5000 rave reviews from satisfied cats and their pawrents across the UK who’ve fallen in lurve with Scrumbles.

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