International Cat Day: 5 ways to celebrate

August 8th is International Cat Day, a whole day devoted to celebrating your beloved feline friends. Whilst you probably treat your cat like royalty every day of the week, International Cat Day really is the day to go properly all out with your fussing and pampering. So here are five ways to show your cat just how much they mean to you on this very im-paw-tent day.

1. A morning massage

There's nothing better than a relaxing massage. You'll know your kitty's soft spots best, so make sure to pay them particular attention today to achieve that optimal purrr. If you want to take it to the next level, have some gentle music in the background for that extra therapeutic feel.

2. More play time


After that relaxing massage your kitty should have some pent-up energy to let out, so why not invent a new exciting game for them. Boo, our rescue cat, loves it when we hide treats under cups, switch them around, and get her to guess which cup the treat's now under - so you could give that a try.

3. A good whiff of catnip

Not all cats respond well to catnip, but if yours does, International Cat Day is definitely the day to let them have a good old whiff. The reaction should provide you with some entertainment too, so it will be a fun experience for the both of you.

4. Luxury grooming session

Not only is it beneficial to give your cat a thorough groom now and then to remove any dead hair or skin and minimise hairballs, but do it carefully and it will feel like the second massage of the day.

5. Treatos time

It's no celebration without food, so an extra couple of their favourite treats or a fishy dinner wouldn't go amiss. We'll definitely be giving Boo some bonus Gnashers. Containing an active ingredient clinically proven to prevent place formation by up to 80% - so they're beneficial too! 


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