LaPerm Cat Breed Guide

Frizzy | Permy | Lappy. If you’re on the hunt for a floof that looks like they’ve just teleported from the 80s the LaPerm cat may just be the one for you. Sporting a frizzy perm-like coat, these cats give Cher and Dolly Parton a run for their money! Join us as we explore the wonderfully curly world of the LaPerm cat. 


Average Lifespan: 10 - 15 years

Average Weight: 2.5 - 4.5kg 

Coat Length: Short

Colouring: All colours and combinations

Shedding: Low

Two LaPerm cats sleeping in their bed


The first LaPerm cat was a floof aptly named Curly, who was born on a cherry farm in Oregon, USA in the 1980s. Curly was the first cat on the farm to don the unique shaggy coat, however, she soon went on to have a litter of her own who were all born with frizzy hair, inadvertently creating the first generation of LaPerm cats. The breed was named LaPerm after the perm hairstyles which were all the rage in the 80s with the “La” taken from the local indigenous Chinook Wawa language that used some French words in its vocabulary. The first LaPerms eventually arrived in the UK in 2002, with GCCF recognition following in 2012.

Black and white LaPerm cat looking straight into camera


The LaPerm cat is a medium-sized kitty, with large eyes and pointy ears. They’re easily recognised by their perm-like coat which looks a little windswept or staticky as if they’ve had a balloon rubbed across their backs. The sight of the fur is enough to attract their hoomans, which is soft and silky to the touch. They also have big bushy tails like a feather duster which they prefer to mischievously knock objects off the counter with rather than dusting away cobwebs. 


LaPerm cats are gentle and affectionate and make excellent family cats. They’re tolerant so do well with young children and don’t mind being handled. They love to play with toys, easily amused by home-made cat toys or just plain old scrunched-up paper. They’re sociable and get along well with other fur brothers or sisters, purrfect for established furmilies. LaPerms are fondly called “lappies” as a shortening of the name but also a nod to their love for spending time in their owners’ laps where they love to have their perm stroked for hours on end. 

White LaPerm kitten with a toy


It’s known that the LaPerm cat’s favourite spot in the house is nestled into their hoomans’ laps. These kitties are extremely affectionate and crave attention so the question isn’t really whether these cats are cuddly, it’s are they too cuddly? Impossible!


LaPerm cats have been linked to a genetic disorder called Pyruvate Kinate Deficiency which can cause anaemia. However, breeders should be testing for this in their cats and kittens so always ask for these results before adopting a LaPerm. 

Other than this, LaPerm cats generally live healthy and long lives if they’re fed highly nutritious cat food. When choosing a pet food for your fur baby, make sure you always read the label to determine whether it’s a purrfect choice or just fluff. 

Purrfect cat food should be:

  • High in good quality animal meat to provide your carnivorous LaPerm with the necessary levels of protein they need to maintain their general health.
  • FEDIAF-approved and labelled as “complete” so that you know you can feed it to your cat day in and day out with the confidence that it’s providing them with all of the macronutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to thrive.
  • Include essential levels of Taurine and Arginine which are impawtent amino acids cats need to get from their food.
  • As well as healthy fats from ingredients like fish oil, and small amounts of easy-to-digest digestible carbs such as rice.

Some brands (*cough *cough  Scrumbles) go the extra mile by using probiotics or prebiotics in their food to strengthen the digestive system and improve gut health. This is purrfect for all cats, in particular those LaPerm cats who need a little extra TLC. 

For all of our top tips and tricks on how to decipher a cat food label like a pawfessional, check out our Ultimate Guide To Cat Food.


Scrumbles cat food

If your LaPerm is on the hunt for a delicious, natural cat food that’s gentle on their tummy, head on over to our wide collection of gut friendly cat food.

Packed with all-natural ingredients and up to 77% lip-smacking fish or meat, our recipes are sure to satisfy even the fussiest LaPerm cats. 

You’ll never see any artificial additives, preservatives, or added salt, sugar, or common allergens, in our recipes which means you can be confident that your LaPerm is only getting the good stuff in their dinner bowl without any unnecessary fluff. 

We're dedicated to improving the gut health (and poops) of British cats, which is why we add gut-friendly goodies like prebiotics or probiotics to our cat food as well as our Gnashers Cat Dental Treats and Chillz Calming Treats. These gut goodies not only soothe sensitive floofy stomachs but also support a healthy gut microbiome, leading to improved digestion and prettier poops!

Our recipes are FEDIAF-approved, contain necessary levels of Taurine and Arginine, and have been tested for palatability, scoring a perfect 100% meaning they’re some of the yummiest cat food recipes out! 

Finally, we believe that good nutrition shouldn't come at a high cost to your wallet or the planet. That's why we use eco-friendly packaging and offer polo-pescatarian options, which have a lower carbon footprint. We also source all of our meat ethically and ensure our chicken comes from British farms to reduce food miles as well as our carbon pawprint

So if you want to make a difference to your cat's nutrition and gut health without foregoing your climate-conscious values, make the switch to Scrumbles today!

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