Oriental Cat Breed Guide

Talkative | Boisterous | Colourful. Oriental cats don’t just settle for being your BFF, they want to be the centre of your world. They’re confident and demanding of affection and not scared to tell you how they feel. Read on to learn more about their ancestry, infectious purrsonality and their specific feeding requirements. 

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Average Lifespan: 12 - 18 years

Average Weight: 2.5 - 4.5kg 

Coat Length: Short and Long

Colouring: Over 300 different colours and combinations

Shedding: Low


In the wake of WW2, many cat breeds were close to extinction in the UK as breeders were few and far between. One of these breeds was the widely popular Siamese. In order to keep this breed going in the UK, breeders started to outcross Siamese cats with Russian blues, British shorthairs, Abyssianians and domestic shorthairs. The result was a cat that looked exactly like a Siamese but with an array of marvellous colours. At first, the different coloured cats were separated into their own breeds including the chocolate brown Havana cat and the snowy foreign white cat. However, when so many different colours became possible (more than 300 different colours and combinations!), they all became grouped under the banner of the Oriental breed. 


Other than the colour of their coat, Oriental cats look almost identical to Siamese cats. They have elegant slender bodies and long legs that sit atop dainty paws. They have long whip-like tails which they swish from side to side, sometimes knocking things off tables to get the attention of their hoomans. Their ears are exceptionally large and their face is also long and wedge-shaped. Orientals can have both short and long hair, with the latter known as the Javanese cat in some cat registries. With over 300 different colours and combinations there’s sure to be one of these rainbow cats for any preference. 


Oriental cats are confident and boisterous kitties. They love being the centre of attention and see themselves as the ruler of the roost. They’re chatty and aren’t afraid to speak their mind, interjecting into conversations particularly if those convos are about them. Oriental cats love to play and although they’re highly intelligent, simple DIY cat toys or an empty cardboard box is enough to keep them occupied for hours.

As these cats are very sociable, they don’t do well if left alone for long periods and are better suited to families with other floofs that they can boss around and play with whilst their pawrents aren’t home. 

Oriental cat green eyes


Oriental cats crave attention and affection so make great cuddle buddies. If you’re after a floof to spoon at night under the covers the Oriental cat is for you. 


Oriental cats are unfortunately linked to some heritable cat diseases including flat-chested kitten syndrome, an eye problem known as progressive retinal atrophy which can cause blindness in cats, and hepatic amyloidosis which affects the liver. These can all be tested for by your vet so if you have any concerns make sure to consult with them. 

To help fight against eye disease, choose a cat food with zinc and vitamin E which helps to maintain the health of Oriental cats’ eyes. B vitamins are also essential for keeping your cat’s liver healthy, so look for cat food with high-quality chicken or turkey so that your Oriental cat will be getting adequate levels of this essential vitamin. 

All cats are obligate carnivores and need a diet high in animal meat to thrive. They absolutely can’t be vegan as they poorly digest plants and need to source 11 essential amino acids mostly from animal protein. Therefore look for cat foods with a high percentage of named animal meat to ensure you’re giving your Oriental cat the best. 


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Scrumbles cat food

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