Toyger Cat Breed Guide

Stripy | Kind | Unique. If the thought of having your very own miniature tiger at home to cuddle and play with sounds like your idea of heaven, the Toyger cat might just be the one for you! Bred to resemble a baby tiger without any of its ferocious character traits, the Toyger is a very special floof. Read on to find out more about this gloriously stripy cat. 

Toyger cat grooming


Average Lifespan: 10 - 15 years

Average Weight: 3.5 - 6.5kg 

Coat Length: Short

Colouring: Brown mackerel tabby

Shedding: Low


The Toyger is a manmade cat breed originating in the USA. Judy Sugden, the daughter of Jean S Mill who founded the Bengal cat breed, wanted to produce a domestic kitty that had all the features of a wild tiger. She began her pursuit to create this breed in the 1980s using mackerel tabby cats who had similar coat patterns to tigers, as well as Bengal cats and domestic shorthairs. Some of the cats that were the foundation of the breed included Millwood Sharp Shooter, Scrapmetal, Millwood Rumpled Spotskin and of course, Jammu Blu who was imported from India. The result was the toy-sized tiger, the Toyger, and they gained TICA recognition in 1993 and the same from the GCCF in 2015. 

Toyger cat close up


Toyger cats are bred to look like mini tigers and have long browny-orange bodies with vertical black stripes that branch and interweave. Their face also has markings similar to a tiger's that form a circular pattern, framing their beautiful face. Their bodies are low-slung and they have high shoulders and muscular legs which give them a rolling gait mimicking their wild cousins.


The purrsonality of the Toyger cat is what truly sets them apart from wild tigers. These guys are kind, affectionate and loving and make excellent pets. They love being around hoomans whether this be playing for hours with wand toys and cat teasers or curling up at the end of their pawrent’s bed for a snooze. 

Early breeders of the Toyger made sure that they used cats with family-orientated personalities to be the foundation of the breed and modern-day Toygers are no different. 

Toygers are a very rare breed of floof with just seven breeders listed by the UK Toyger Cat Club, but if you’re lucky enough to own one of these miniature tigers, you’ll be sure to have a furry bestie for life.

Toyger kitten with a black background


Toyger cats love their furmilies and make excellent cuddle buddies. Nevertheless, they’re not velcro cats and enjoy their independence from time to time. So if they’re having some alone time sitting by the window or under a table, don’t be too clingy and let them have their space, they’ll thank you for it later! 


Although Toygers share no DNA with wild tigers, they do share the same dietary needs. All cats in the animal kingdom are obligate carnivores and need a diet with high levels of animal meat to provide them with the essential nutrients they need to maintain their health. Some owners of Toygers like to feed their cats gut-friendly diets to prevent smelly poops and diarrhoea which is common in cats who don’t eat high-quality cat food. Look for recipes with natural ingredients and gut-loving goodies like prebiotics or probiotics to help strengthen your cat’s tummy, reducing stomach upsets and making for pretty poopies at the kitty litter.


Cat with Scrumbles cat food

If you’re on the prowl for a highly nutritious cat food that’s low in cost and high in gut-friendly goodness, check out our range of delicious cat food. Here’s why Toyger cats and their loving owners love Scrumbles:

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All of our natural cat food recipes contain only natural ingredients without any artificial additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers or unnecessary added salt and sugar.
  • MEATY DINNERS FOR MINI TIGERS: Carnivorous Toygers love our meaty cat food dinners. With up to 77% fish or poultry and no yucky animal derivatives or fillers, they’re the purrfect choice for your miniature tiger. 
  • TAILORED COMPLETE RECIPES: Our wet cat food and dry cat food recipes are designed by nutritionists and can be fed to your Toyger cat every day. We have options for Toyger kittens, adult cats as well as seniors, specially formulated to their unique nutritional needs. 
  • PRETTY POOPIES: Gut health is at the forefront of our mission at Scrumbles. We use prebiotics or probiotics to improve the health of your cat’s gut and don’t use common allergens like dairy, soy and egg. We also have grain free cat food options and gluten free cat food for even the most sensitive of kitties. 
  • DID WE MENTION THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS?: Our recipes score 100% on palatability testing meaning they’re some of the yummiest cat foods out! Purrfect for those extra fussy felines. 
  • AND WE’RE LOOKING AFTER THE PLANET TOO: We use 100% recyclable tins and eco-friendly packaging. We only have fish and poultry recipes as these meats are far less emission-intensive than red meat. We’re also proud B-Corp members and we pledge 1% of our sales to environmental causes making Scrumbles the ideal choice for Toyger cat parents who want the best for their miniature tiger as well as the planet! 

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