Can Humans Eat Cat Food?

Ever opened your cat food, only to have a whiff and think "ooh I might just give this a try?". In all honesty, we haven't, but we have had customers share that it smells good enough to eat. That's why today we're answering "can humans eat cat food" without turning into a meowing maniac or sprouting fur?

The Curiosity Kicks In 

Picture this: you're perusing the aisles of the pet store, scanning the shelves for some top-notch noms for your furry friend. Suddenly, your eyes lock onto a tantalizing can of fishy goodness that looks way too scrumptious to be for cats only. The curious adventurer within you thinks, "Hmm, if Fluffy can eat it, can't I too?" It's a puzzling thought, and we're here to scratch the surface of it! 

What's in That Tin, Anyway? 

Before we decide to partake in a feline feast, it's vital to understand what exactly lurks inside that can of cat food. While the ingredients may vary, most cat foods contain a blend of protein sources (think chicken, fish, or beef), fats, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. Cats have unique nutritional needs, which is why their food is formulated to cater to their specific obligate carnivore requirements. 

But, hey, let's not get too serious here! If you ever happen to find yourself munching on a cat food can, just remember you're not alone; we've all been there. Right? No? Moving on! 

Mind the Nutritional Gap 

Now, here's the thing: cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require a diet primarily based on animal flesh to thrive. They have different dietary needs than us humans, who are more of the omnivorous type, munching on plants and animals alike. So, while a few bites of cat food won't harm you, making it a regular part of your diet might leave you with some nutritional gaps that not even a can-opener can fix. 

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Tummy Troubles, Anyone? 

Now, before you start planning a gourmet cat food tasting, it's crucial to consider your delicate human digestive system. Cats have shorter digestive tracts designed to process high-protein, low-carb diets efficiently. Humans, on the other hand, have a lengthier digestive journey, perfect for our varied and fiber-rich diets. 

In short (pun intended), if you fill your plate with cat food, your stomach might protest in the form of grumbles louder than a hungry kitten demanding attention. And trust me, explaining your rumbling tummy to friends and family might be as awkward as explaining why you tried cat food in the first place. 

The Forbidden Fruit (or Kibble) 

As tempting as it may be to munch on some cat kibble while binge-watching cat videos, it's essential to remember that some cat foods contain ingredients that are perfectly safe for Fluffy but not so much for humans. For instance, some cat foods contain elevated levels of certain minerals, such as magnesium, which can be harmful in large quantities for us humans. 

Moreover, some traditional cat food products may have artificial additives and preservatives that are harmless for cats but may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort for us humans. So, while sharing is caring, in this case, it's better to let Fluffy have the entire bowl to herself. 

There’s still hope!  

Ah, the purr-fect harmony of sharing a meal with our beloved feline friends! While cats and humans have their unique dietary needs, there are some human foods that you can both enjoy without any worries.

  • Cooked Meat: Whether it's chicken, turkey, or fish, cooked meat is a winner for both cats and humans. Just make sure to remove any seasoning or additives that might not sit well with our feline friends. It's a protein-packed treat that will have both you and your cat purring with delight! 
  • Cooked Vegetables: Cats might not be notorious veggie lovers, but certain cooked veggies like carrots, peas, and spinach can be a safe addition to their diet. Plus, these colourful delights offer a myriad of vitamins and minerals that benefit both cats and humans. 
  • Cooked Rice: Plain, cooked rice is a gentle treat that's gentle on both human and feline tummies. It's an excellent source of carbohydrates, which can be especially beneficial for cats with sensitive stomachs. 
  • Salmon: Yes, you read that right! Fresh, cooked salmon is a delightful indulgence that cats and humans can enjoy together. It's packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, promoting a glossy coat for your furry friend and supporting heart health for you. 

 Can humans eat pet food

Remember though, these should only be infrequent treats as it's extremely difficult to provide your kitty with the nutrients they require on your own. That's why it's best to opt for a pre-made cat food from a company that abides by FEDIAF and other cat food guidelines.  

The best food for cats? Scrumbles ofc!

If you're looking for the best cat food for your kitty, we've got just the thing - Scrumbles! We offer dry food, wet food, and treats recipes for cats and kittens, specifically designed for great gut health. We add pre or probiotics into all our recipes, and avoid common allergens and nasties like artificial additives. Carefully tailored to our kitty's obligate carnivore needs, our food is made with up to 77% quality meat or fish, and we never add pesky plant proteins. 

Here's why we think you should give us a try:

  1. Gut-friendly goodness - We add pre or probiotics to all our recipes and avoid artificial nonsense like added sugar to help support gut health (and pretty poops!)
  2. High in protein - Our recipes are packed with up to 77% quality meat or fish, and never added plant proteins, for a protein content you can feel purr-oud of.
  3. Extra Sensitive - For sensitive cats we avoid common allergens like dairy, soy, gluten, dairy and egg from all our recipes. We also offer grain free cat food options, and stick to a pollo-pescatarian diet for easier-to-digest protein.
  4. Designed with nutritionists and approved by vets - All our recipes are designed according to FEDIAF guidelines, and given the royal lick of approval by our chief taster Boo.
  5. Irresistibly Yummy - There'd be no point making our gut-friendly goodies if they didn't go down a treat, so we make sure our recipes are as palatable as can be. Using fresh and natural ingredients, and providing plenty of flavour and texture choices.

Conclusion: Sharing Isn't Caring

In conclusion, folks, the answer to the pressing question of whether humans can eat cat food is a resounding "not really." While a few nibbles here and there won't send you to the doctors, turning your pantry into a cat food buffet is a no-go. 

So, let's all agree to leave the cat food for our feline friends and stick to our human-approved culinary delights. Stay curious, stay adventurous, but most importantly, stay on the human grub.

Till next time, folks! Keep those questions coming, and I'll be here, ready to dish out some more fun and educational escapades. Meow out! 

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