The Top 12 Dog Christmas Presents of 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The days are shorter and certainly getting a lot colder. And with the Christmas trees finally getting dusted off, you might be starting to gather the presents under the tree and we hope you haven’t forgotten about your pooch!

But, if you have, fear not, because we’ve compiled a list of the Top 12 Dog Christmas Presents of 2022. Stacked with cute outfits, snuggly dog beds, and mouth-watering treats your furry best friend will thank you for. So read on to get some inspo on how to best spoil them this festive season! 

So here we are, the Top 12 Dog Christmas Presents of 2022.

  1. Doggy Puffer Jacket

On the first day of Christmas, my hooman gave to me… the Hugo & Hudson Reversible Puffer Jacket from Lords & Labradors! 

Keep your pooch toasty warm this winter with this oh so snuggly doggy puffer jacket. Ranging in six different colours you’re sure to find one that best suits your furry best friend. Super warm and incredibly stylish, you two will be the bark of the town. 

  1. The Cutest Floral Dog Harness


If you haven’t got a harness for your dog, why not treat them with this cute Wild Flowers Dog Harness from Pawsomelife. 

Not only is it beautifully patterned, but it’s also much more gentle on your pooch’s neck and joints than conventional collars. They’re also more secure than dog collars, making them the perfect dog Christmas present for escape-artist dogs that are continually slipping out of their neck collars. 

  1. Compostable Scrumbles Poop Bags 


A staple stocking filler is a doggy poop bag set, and our Dog Poop Bags are pawfect for the job.

They’re made from sturdy non-GM cornstarch which naturally breaks down in 3-6 months. Great for cleaning up after your doggy whilst also combatting plastic waste!  

  1. Doggy Adventure Mat


Our dogs love going on adventures. Whether this is a long walk through the woods jumping in muddy puddles, or seeking out new smells down by the coast, they love exploring new surroundings. 

But these adventures can cause muddy dog paws, not exactly what you want stomping around in your freshy cleaned car.

That’s why we’ve added the Journey & Petrichor Adventure Mat from Twiggy Tags to our Ultimutt Dog Christmas Present List. Made with water-resistant fabric, they’re perfect for laying down in the back of the car after a muddy park walk or even using as a doggy picnic blanket to keep those paws sparkly clean. 

  1. Personalised Dog Christmas Ornaments


What better way to get into the festive spirit than whipping out a personalised Christmas ornament of your furry friend to hang on the tree each year!

With nearly every dog breed on offer from a cheeky Cocker Spaniel to an adorable Dalmatian, these Personalised Dog Christmas Ornaments from The Crafty Giraffe are a must-have for any good doggo.  

  1. Scrumbles Wet Dog Turkey Christmas Dinner

The smell of a Christmas roast dinner is an iconic one. Roast turkey, golden potatoes, Christmas ham, pigs in blankets…it’s almost enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it! 

And with a sense of smell between 1000-10,000 times better than our own, our doggies love it too. So this year, why don’t you treat your doggo to their very own Wet Dog Food Christmas Turkey Dinner from Scrumbles.

Packed with 70% fresh turkey and added gut-friendly prebiotics for happy poops, it’s the most delicious Christmas treat for your furry friend. 

  1. Light-Up Dog Collar


Keep an eye on your pooch on your evening walks with this LED Dog Collar from Bunty. 

If your pooch isn’t wearing a light-up dog collar you can lose track of them pretty easily, and they can be a hazard to bike riders in the park.

So keep them safe with this collar from Bunty, ranging in three different sizes and at the low cost of £6.99, they’re a pawesome addition to the 2022 Dog Christmas Present List. 

  1. Kong


Coming in at number 8 on our 12 Days of Dog Christmas Presents List, is the faithful Kong Chew Treat.

You can pick one of these up from Pets at Home for just £8.99. Fill it with scrummy Dog Treats or plain old (xylitol free) peanut butter to keep your pooch occupied for hours.  

  1. Scrumbles Chicken & Duck Dog Treats


After you’ve picked up your Kong, you’re going to need some delectable treats to put inside it for your lucky pooch.

So, coming in at Number 9 is the Scrumbles Chicken & Duck Dog Treats

Loaded with the natural goodness of pumpkin and chia seeds to support a glossy coat and strong muscles, as well as prebiotics for healthy digestion, they’re the ultimutt guilt-free natural dog treats.

  1. Waterproof Dog Bed 

Our dogs love having fun and getting messy, so a waterproof dog bed like this P&L Country Dog Bed from D For Dog is the ideal place for your pooch to catch some Zs. 

Made from waterproof material, an easy wipe-down is all it needs if your dog’s been getting a bit too messy at the park. It amazingly doesn’t hold odours like other dog beds, keeping your living room smelling fresh. 

  1. Dog Snuggle Sack


Treat your best friend to some luxury with the Dog Snuggle Sack from Miaboo. Handmade in Yorkshire with cuddly fabric and opulent faux fur, it’s perfect for nights in by the fire watching Lady and the Tramp with your furry bestie. 

  1. Interactive Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser


Guys, we really are living in the future!

Coming in at number 12 on our Ultimutt Dog Christmas Present List for 2022 is the bougie Interactive Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser from Lords & Labradors. 

It’s perfect for those of us who get a bit too much separation anxiety from our pooches. With wide-angle HD video, the pet camera syncs to your phone so you can always stay in contact with your dog. And with the built-in treat dispenser, you can fling a scrummy treat to your furry bestie with the click of a button from your office chair at work!

Inspired Yet?

Hopefully, we’ve given you some festive inspiration with what Dog Christmas Presents you should be ordering for your pooch. 

From the Scrumbles fam, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Poochy New Year. 

Don’t forget to tag us @scrumbles with what dog Christmas presents you’ve ordered this year! 

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